Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Mars’ backtrack through Aquarius from June 27- August 27 will bring a reflective and internal quality to the next few months. Normally, Mars takes about 6 weeks to tour a sign, but this time he’ll spend 5 months in Aquarius, with a short dip back into Capricorn.

Mars’ retrogrades are not new, they happen every 2 years and are a cosmic invitation to go within and question your passion and purpose. Consider where you’re directing your energy and decide whether you’re on auto pilot or acting in accordance with your deepest passions. What makes this retrograde particularly unique is that it’s been 47 years since Mars reversed through the water bearer.

Aquarius is a sign about the collective and can be detached by nature. It may help to see things from the outside looking in. Seeing a situation from a new vantage point can bring fresh perspectives on what is important, what is not and how to move forward.

I have a personal bias toward the energy of Mars. The red planet helps move us towards our goals, desires and passions. He heats things up, gets things moving and helps us clarify want we want.

As a planet that prefers outward expression, when retrograde, Mars tends toward reflection and reassessment of what drives and motivates us.

While in Aquarius, Mars energises the element of air. This is a Mars who likes to think, who needs more information before making choices, and can be idealistic or principle orientated.

Some big questions may be asked during Mars’ retrograde. Is what I wanted still what I want? Is some kind of course correction necessary? Is the path I’m travelling right for me? Are major changes required or are few adjustments all that is needed?

Progress or plans in the pipeline may hit a snag or require more research. Moving forward on important tasks may be painfully slow over the next few months. Dealing with unfinished business from the past may also be a key factor in getting the wheels turning again.

When a planet slows down, stops and retrogrades it’s as though the universe invites you to do the same. In Mars’ case, this may lead to some inner frustrations, angst or even anger. A particular area of life (check the house Aquarius rules) is about to move painfully slow. The things that irritate you now are your que to reflect, ponder and deal with in some way.

Being Australian, we grow up with beaches and we learn what to do when caught in a rip. Mars’ retrograde may feel like being caught in a rip where all you can do is tread water. Swimming against the tide is completely futile. The next few months may serve up situations where all you can do is tread water until the tide begins to change.

A key factor of this retrograde is that Mars will pass over the karmic South Node three times. The first time being June 8, and then July 20 and September 26.

The South Node represents decrease or loss that strips us bare and reveals the true core or spiritual meaning. It can help you shift perspective from a material driven hunger to one of the soul’s purpose. This process at times can feel unproductive or unfocussed. However, the internal reassessment that occurs is what brings the clarification and action that Mars so enjoys.

Together, Mars and the South Node can help you sever ties and let go. The intensity of this combination can bring out past hurt or pain that needs to be cleared out and purified. Before you reach that point, things may get increasingly volatile or heated. Feelings of deep rooted anger or resentment may also bubble up to the surface.

The next three months bring the opportunity to move through something that has been stuck or left unchecked.

June July and August in particular are go-slow months. Delays and frustrations are inevitable but are likely to turn out to be a part of the grand plan and come September, things may work out better than you can foresee right now.

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