Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

The third quarter of 2018 is set to be the most dynamic astrologically speaking. With Uranus’ recent entry in Taurus, 3 eclipses in a row and Mars’ once in a lifetime reverse journey through Aquarius, which is the focus of this post.

Every two years the red planet, signifying desire, motivation and action takes a break and turns within. The next three months invites us to internalise and reassess our passions and purpose, asking the $64 million question, “What do I want?”

In this day and age, intertwined with Groundhog Day and distraction, those deep profound questions of true desires can be unsettling. Everyday life of bills, jobs, family and responsibility, the deepest wants of the soul are often pushed so far down, we can forget what they are. The upcoming months are an opportunity to realign inner desires with outward action.

Going Against the Grain

Mars will be in his retrograde phase from June 26 – August 26 and the area of your birth chart that holds 9 – 0 degrees Aquarius and 29/28 degrees of Capricorn are your keys areas of focus.

In the fixed air sign of Aquarius, this a Mars who thinks before taking action. While Mars is on the go-slow, information and insight will be a key theme, especially when making plans or seeking progress. Reversing through a fixed sign can be extremely frustrating for Mars. Delays or obstacles may seem impossible to surmount, bringing feelings of anger or frustration to the surface.

While commonly associated with detachment, Aquarius can demonstrate a deep attachment to what is known and what it thought to be true or right. As Mars grinds his gears through this sign, what you know to be true, the ideals or principles you hold dear, are up for reassessment.

The next few months can refresh our perspectives and invite us to deeply consider their purpose and ponder whether they hold any water anymore.

Other Influences

As Mars stations retrograde, he’ll do so under the influence of a Full Moon in Capricorn. Sharing Saturn’s rulership will make it crystal clear what needs to be dealt with or worked through.

While Saturn is generally associated with goals and objectives, Mars does speak to what we do in the short term that builds the bridge to get there. We all have long term goals and visions, the difference in obtaining them is the small disciplines we do everyday that have a compounding effect, the domain of Mars. What if your daily disciplines don’t align with the long term plan?

Mars spends 3 out of 26 months of his cycle retrograde. During this time, our strongest desires can emerge, prompting us to do things differently than we’ve done them before. You might be reminded of a past pursuit that had been forced to the backburner that now, demands your attention.

The South Node

Mars will make 3 passes over the South Node of the Moon on June 7, July 20 and September 25. This highlights unfinished business from the past that may need to be dealt with before moving forward. Cutting cords or severing ties can be painful, but sometimes are necessary. A lunar eclipse on July 27-28, with both Mars and the South Node may shed some light and bring things to a dramatic climax.

The South Node offers a shift in perspective. It can take you to a bare bones or ground zero space where the echoes of the souls’ need can no longer be ignored. Your attention may turn away from materialistic desires or outwardly accomplishment, preferring to seek experiences that nourish you spiritually.

As Mars and the South Node conjoin three times in the upcoming months, new levels of honesty and authenticity can be achieved by checking in with untapped parts of you.

This isn’t a period to switch up everything tomorrow, but to observe the encounters or experiences you have over these few months and see how they may be inviting you to shift your perspective, alter your desires or pursue your passions.

Generally speaking, Mars retrograde periods remind me of this quote from Abraham Lincoln,
“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend 4 sharpening my axe”

The retrograde phase is about reassessment and reflection. Think about what you truly and deeply desire. September and October bring second chances to what may not have fully eventuated in June, July and August. By nature, Mars in Aquarius can be stubborn. Be mindful of your desire to force something. Mars on the go-slow brings delays or obstacles that may block a path, plan or project that isn’t right for you.

If your curious to explore the next few months and what it may signify in your life, I’m offering Mars Retrograde readings which you can find more about here.

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