Mars Pluto- Heavy Metal

Today sees the culmination of the Mars/Pluto conjunction that has been building since Mars’ ingress into Capricorn in late September.

This planetary powerhouse falls at 15 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. By using your sheer force of will you can push through the obstacles that the longer- term transit of Pluto highlights in your life. Mars’ hot and fiery nature is suitably cooled and tempered in the sign of the mountain goat, just enough to channel your vision, energy and passion for something long lasting and toward something you deeply desire.

Pluto lends another layer of intensity and depth, offering a touch of ruthlessness and the ability to face obstacles that were too painful or difficult to face.

Working together, Mars and Pluto offer the confidence and a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude toward something you really want.

Mars and Pluto combine once every 2 years, the last time being November 11 2014. If you can remember back then, you may get some insight as to where you’re offered another bite of the apple.


For those who don’t know me personally, I LOVE heavy metal. I love listening to it and I love to lift it, though the latter has been patchy since having my son. Today, I have Pantera playing up quite loud as I type away on my laptop to meet my deadlines in time! Though metal may not be your cup of tea, playing music that motivates you and gets your mojo running will help you power through your day!

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