Mars in Taurus- Plodding Progress

Action planet Mars tours Taurus from March 10 through until April 21.

After a 6-week period of Mars’ frantic pace in his home sign of Aries, Mars dips into arguably the slowest sign of the zodiac, Taurus.

Collectively, we are being cosmically challenged to drop back a gear or two, slow down and to take a more measured approach. I use the term challenged due to Mars’ nature to want to move fast, and Taurus penchant for slow progression.

Venus, Taurus’ patron planet is currently retrograde. Going slow and steady is the way forward. Look at it as plodding progress!

Mars’ wander through Taurus can inspire ‘consistent action.’ Mars in Taurus is a very committed placement. Before making an investment, careful consideration of time, energy and resources is evaluated. Once a decision is made, either yes or no, then good luck in changing the mind of a Mars in Taurus native! This deliberation in the early stages of the decision- making progress gives Mars in Taurus the reputation of procrastination.

I have Mars in Taurus and I was recently told something along the lines of, ‘I always admired your ability to not change your mind once you made it up, until I was on the receiving end of a decision I didn’t like.’ Yes, Mars in Taurus is stubborn- I admit it!


It’s true, once the bull is charging, there is no turning back. Embrace this Mars in Taurus cycle by considering your options more thoroughly. By being fully committed, you can tap into your own stubborn streak and see a plan or project you value to its completion.

Mars’ Detriment in Taurus

Mars in considered to be in detriment while he is in Venus’ sign (this is the case with Libra too). This simply means that Mars has to be more thoughtful and considerate to others while in Venus’ domain. Patience and consideration are virtues bereft of the red planet!

Over the next 6 weeks, you may opt to slow down your pace a bit, which will be a welcome change from the quick pace of Aries. Invest your time, energy and money into pursuits that hold value to you. Deliberate. Consider. Ponder. Plod. Then be prepared to not change your mind!

Mars and Venus

While Mars is in Taurus, Venus is in Aries and they occupy each other’s signs by detriment. Though known as a ‘mutual reception’ it may not feel quite as receptive than if they were placed more agreeable signs.
I’d prefer to call this a ‘mutual deception’ as it reminds me of the phrase, ‘not everyone who smiles at you is a friend.’

This highlights the possibility of doing something you don’t want to, though it may be for a greater good. Like teaming up with a frenemy or exchanging resources with someone you don’t fully trust.

As Venus is retrograde and in her detriment, she’s in pretty poor condition. Old friends, associates or even exes are known to come out of the woodwork now, but their interests and motivations lie within themselves.

Retrograde Venus in Aries is the hallmark for reflecting upon your own needs and wants. Mars in Taurus asks you to take your time with this. Consider all possibilities before making an investment, as the next 6 weeks, you may not change your mind!

Where do you you need to slow down, ponder and plod? The house of your birth chart ruled by Taurus will give you a clue!

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