Mars in Scorpio

It’s been nearly 2 years since Mars was last in Scorpio, his home sign. From December 9 through until January 26, Mars will be steady, focussed and deliberate.

Mars holds domain over two zodiac signs, Aries and Scorpio, each with their respective elements of fire and water.

They also belong to a different modality, which is another way astrologers classify the signs. Aries is Cardinal- quick, reactive and impulsive and Scorpio is fixed- steady, deliberate, measured.

Each sign belongs to one element and one modality. It’s this combination that describes many of the characteristics if each 12 signs.

By blending element and modality, we can differentiate the two faces of Mars. In Aries, he’s impatient, pioneering and independent, while in Scorpio, Mars is determined, strategic and patient.

Mars loves momentum, action and progress, while in Scorpio that energy can be directed toward a specific goal.
Scorpio is known for is obsessive tendencies and do-or-die approach, which can boost increased focus and determination for the next 6 weeks.

His last return home was a grinder, due to a retrograde period that bordered both Scorpio and Sagittarius that lasted for the first 3 ¼ of last year.

This time however, Mars will have a relatively uninhibited time in Scorpio.

Directing Focus

As Mars takes 2 years to tour the zodiac, he’ll energise about half your chart in a given calendar year. With that in mind, you might notice how some years have more action and momentum, while others tend to be more private, where the action is mostly behind the scenes.

Like with any planet changing signs, using the whole sign house system, the planet will trigger a new house and new life topics, once it ingresses into a new sign.

If the sign of Scorpio rules your ascendant, therefore the first house, your attention and focus will be directed towards your own interests. You might take up a new fitness regime or push forward with personal projects.

If it’s the 10th house, applying a strategic action toward your career goals will be where your energy goes. While many of us will be focusing on holidays and down-time during this period, you’ll be stealth-like in manoeuvring towards your next professional step forward.

If you know your own chart, look to the house where Scorpio is- that where Mars is going to be injecting powerful and obsessive focus.

Shifting Focus

While in Scorpio, Mars will make connections with other planets that overall, will bring out some of Mars’ best qualities.

Mars trine Neptune 27/28 December- 11 degrees Scorpio/Pisces

As each of these planets occupy signs they are powerful in, emotions may run both wide and deep. In sensitive water signs, new levels of compassion and understanding can be reached, if you’re prepared to navigate murky waters.

Mars square North Node 3 January – 15 degrees Scorpio/Leo

Potentially the trickiest of Mars’ aspects while in Scorpio. The square denotes tension, something that can actually give Mars the impetus to push further. Take any frustrations you may be feeling as your que to passionately pursue them. The friction may lie between being private and allowing yourself to be in the spotlight.

Mars conjunct Jupiter January 6 – 8 – 17/18 degrees Scorpio

Mars’ passion combined with Jupiter’s expansiveness, could leave you doing too much. If you’re feeling overstretched or oversensitive, refocus your energy toward your sense of truth, meaning or purpose. The events of today have to potential to define the longer transit of Jupiter through Scorpio.

Mars sextile Pluto January 9/10 – 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn

No obstacle is unsurmountable under this planetary influence. As a force to be reckoned with, you can get to the bottom of a matter or get to the top of a mountain with a combination of strategy, ruthlessness and ambition.
Secrets, agendas or untruths can also be revealed.

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