Mars In Capricorn

Action planet Mars is now in sturdy Capricorn, heralding a two-month long period of discipline and focus.

Generally, Mars spends 6 weeks in a sign. Due to a retrograde starting in May, Mars will spend a total of 3 months in hardworking Capricorn, when he re-visits in August and September.

Mars represents drive and motivation. The sign he holds in your birth chart describes the way in which each of us go about taking action in our lives. In of himself, Mars, by temperament is hot and dry. An abundance of heat promotes agitation that generates movement. Dryness has a separating quality.

Together, heat inspires action, and the quality of dryness can prompt you to move away from something. When you’re motivated to accomplish a goal, you often need to separate yourself from what prevents you from achieving it. Generally, this will be some kind of pleasure or comfort.

Like Mars, Capricorn is also dry, but has the quality of coolness, which tempers Mars’ heat. Thus, Mars becomes more responsive rather than reactive while in Capricorns house. Mars is offered the attributes of discipline, caution and focus. These qualities work very well together and is why Mars is considered to be exalted in the sign of the goat.

Mars and Saturn being in a sign where they both are strong can help us align our daily desires (Mars) with our long-term goals (Saturn). Over the upcoming days, you may begin to notice your attention and activity shift toward what really matters to you.

To make the most of this super productive vibe, over the next 2 months, it will be helpful to eliminate distractions and put your energy into what counts. As Mars and Saturn will be joining Pluto, this will create a powerhouse of energy that can help empower you to say ‘no’ or establish the necessary boundaries required to achieve a long-term goal.

Confidence and clarity can help you move away from something you’ve outgrown and embrace new plans and projects.

Mars will be in Capricorn from 18 March – May 16 and again from August 13 to September 11.

If you’re unsure of where to be making the most of this super productive vibe, I’ve included a very mini horoscope below. If you know your rising sign, then read that, if not your Sun or ‘star’ sign will be ok too!

Aries – Your profession life and public reputation.
Taurus – Discovery, adventure, study, spirituality and foreign places
Gemini – Debts, savings, death, inheritances, joint money
Cancer – Your most significant relationships, personal and professional
Leo – The daily grind, pets, health/sickness
Virgo – Children, hobbies and fun, sex and romance
Libra – Home and family, ancestors and heritage
Scorpio – Rituals, study, communication, siblings, short travels
Sagittarius – Cash flow, income, personal resources
Capricorn – All about you, your body, habits and attitudes
Aquarius – Hibernation, retreat, isolation
Pisces – Friends, work colleagues, groups and associations.

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