Mars in Capricorn- Secrets to Success

This week has the potential to be an astro-game changer as action planet Mars FINALLY changes signs. Normally, Mars would charge through a Zodiac sign in about 6 weeks, however, he’s passed through only 2 signs since January. This is an extremely slow transit for a planet who likes to initiate action.

As a hot and dry planet, Mars represents the principle of separation. He also highlights topics of combat, struggle, challenge and competition. As a malefic planet, his energy is akin to the less favourable aspects of life such as violence, destruction, conflict and aggression.

Mars is competitive in nature. He wants to win. From the 27th, Mars enters the sign of Capricorn, where he is said to be exalted. When a planet is ‘dignified,’ it can operate to its best level. Here, Mars is less aggressive and less impulsive. Mars’ hot and dry nature is tempered by the coolness of Capricorn, allowing the energy of Mars to simmer, rather than boil.

Mars in Capricorn is an astrological signature for success. You’d be forgiven if you feel as though your endeavours so far for 2016, have resulted in less than you’d hoped for. In the cardinal sign of Capricorn, you’ll again be able to dust yourself off and get back on track toward achieving your most important goal.

Over the next 6 weeks, Mars will make significant aspects to other planets, demonstrating where you may need to make adjustments.

Fight for what you believe in:

As Mars makes links with Jupiter in Libra from 4th– 7th October, you may have to fight for what you believe in, or for what you believe to be truthful or fair. This could be a relationship, and ideal or a grand vision you’re ready to initiate action about.

Claim your power:

Taking charge is the secret to success with Mars in Capricorn. When Mars and Pluto join forces, you may have to force your will. This intense energy can move mountains, there will be almost nothing you can’t do! Pluto will help you strategise and stay focused and Mars’ energy will help fire up what has been stuck.
This intensity peaks from 19th – 21st October at 15 degrees Capricorn.

Try something new:

Quirky Uranus will aspect Mars from the 28th-30th October. This may suggest a course redirection or even the need to embrace new technology. Uranus may also bring unexpected developments that may come as a shock or surprise.

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