Mars In Aquarius

Mars has had a tricky time of it this year. A long and arduous retrograde phase during the first 9 months then finally, September 28 he moved into Capricorn, the first sign change outside of his backward transit all year.
Just this week, he entered tropical Aquarius. This, his first dive into the water bearers cup since January of 2015. Collectively, we can leave behind the grind that is Mars in Capricorn. You may now notice a lessening of focus on the concrete manifestation of outcomes and return to the concept of ideas- where all goals spring from.

As an air sign, Aquarius is about concepts, ideas, and is naturally curious, intellectual and communicative. Being of the fixed mode, Aquarius is driven toward principles and has difficulty in being flexible in what it perceives to be true.

Aquarius is also one of astrology’s humane signs and is naturally focussed on the needs of the collective rather than that of the self. As a sign ruled by Saturn, a cold planet, Aquarius can be a little detached or aloof at times but is also persistent and enduring.

Naturally, with Mars placed here, we can see that drive, focus and energy may be directed towards debates or arguments about principles and ideas. Fighting for an ideal or a vision as opposed to working on the ground level toward a concrete outcome.

Mars in Aquarius thinks about doing, discusses doing and visualises doing rather than taking the action in of itself. This may just be the anecdote needed after Mars’ turbulent journey through the Zodiac and heading toward a new calendar year.

Where possible, reduce the busy-ness and be still. Detach from doing. Allow your mind to open and to visualise all that is possible and focus your minds energy beyond the material world.

Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19 and will make the following significant aspects.

Trine Jupiter in Libra- December 1

This supportive planetary link will assist you in fighting for what’s right within your own personal situation. Having a conversation or taking action regarding an issue that is important to you, especially within relationships is highlighted now.

Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius – December 3

Under the sextile, another supportive aspect, you may overcome your fears regarding getting out of a comfort zone or moving forward toward a grander vision or a new horizon. Even the smallest changes made now will support beautiful growth and progress.

Sextile Uranus in Aries – December 7

This is an exciting aspect promises that anything is possible. Sparks can fly under the influence of Uranus and you may also enjoy an increase in energy and vigour. Be prepared for ‘the awakening’ coming in the form of those light bulb moments that will lead the way forward.

“Aquarius” Art Work by Intuitive Artist Michelle Smith

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