Mars in Aquarius

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Mars in Aquarius – Action Beyond the Rings.

March 30/31 – May 12 / 13

Last time May 17 / 18 – August 13, September 12 – November 15, 2018

(FYI the last time Mars spent longer in Aquarius due to a retrograde period).

Mars in Aquarius can feel like a push toward a new kind of freedom. After 6 weeks in Capricorn, where Mars holds a special place, known as exaltation, the red planet is firmly focused on the task at hand. Now in Aquarius, Mars looks upwards and outwards and looks for a new and innovative ways to do Saturnian things like structures, systems and processes.

Like Capricorn, Aquarius is a Saturn ruled sign. For a 12-week period (in most cases, unlike 2018 retrograde in Aquarius) Mars occupies the home of Saturn. Occurring every two years, life can feel intensified by tension, pressure and frustration. In 2020, this feeling has been compounded by the unusual co-presence of Saturn in both Capricorn and Aquarius (which began March 21/22).

March 31 / April 1 sees Mars finally catch Saturn, forming a conjunction at 0 Aquarius. Mars Saturn conjunctions occur once every 2 years.

In Aquarius, Mars now looks beyond the structure and limitations of Saturn’s rings and considers what action it needs to take in order to go beyond them.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. If Mars in Capricorn is the ‘doing’ Mars, then Aquarius is the ‘thinking’ Mars.

The next 6 weeks may prompt thoughts such as, ‘what could I be if I didn’t have these limits on me?’ ‘what action can I take to create a brighter vision of the future?’ ‘how can I contribute to humanity in a more direct way?’ ‘in what ways can I innovate or change the existing routines or structures in my life to create more freedom?’

I’m not saying this will be true for everyone, it will depend somewhat on what house in your chart holds Aquarius, but Mars here can produce some anxiety. Mars wants to go fast, push ahead and move quickly, but Aquarius wants to think about things first. The decide and do quality of Mars is compromised which can cause some mental stress and anguish. Getting out of your own head can be a challenge.

Aquarius is one of astrology’s humane signs and is renowned for investing focus toward groups, communities and humanity in general. As a collective, right now and possibly beyond, in order to do what’s best for everyone, making yourself a priority must come first. In the current situation of COVID-19, you can protect yourself and others through social distancing and isolation, which are very Aquarian themes.

Mars in Aquarius Through The 12 Houses

Read your ascending sign (rising) below for insight around what Mars will be doing in your chart for the next 6 weeks.
It is still worthwhile to read all the signs to help you broaden your understanding of Mars in Aquarius.


Finding new ways to connect with your tribe will be highlighted over the next 6 weeks. While this is no different to everyone else under the current circumstances, this is more poignant for you as Mars is your ruling planet. Coupled with that, the 11th house known as the house of good spirit and said to be extremely lucky. When it comes to making new online connections, be proactive and don’t overthink the situation. What eventuates in your social circles until mid-May may bring insight around blessings and possibilities come December.


Your career and overall life direction probably look a little different right now. As Mars moves through your 10th house, you’re being nudged to strike out in a new direction. Consider how your current circumstances have changed. If you’re feeling discomfort or a sense of insecurity about your work, this may be a sign to think beyond the here and now. Being innovative and a step ahead of the curve will not only highlight your leadership skills, but can put you ahead of the rest. Consider what can you do over the next 6-weeks that your future self will thank you for.


Mars activates one of the more positive areas of your chart, known as the 9th house of adventure, discovery and travel. Granted, travel is out of the question for the majority of us, but traveling with your mind isn’t. What might you like to learn that can help pave the way for future possibilities? Perhaps you need to finish a course of study, or maybe now, that you’ve got extra time on your hands you’d like to dabble in something you’re curious about. Action taken now may set you on a path that can bring more meaning and purpose to your life.


Mars may prompt you to put your attention and focus onto one of the areas of life that can induce the most stress and worry – debt and taxes. Over the next 6 weeks, cut back on excess expenditure. Many are recommending contacting banks and creditors to negotiate payment plans, reduced interest and other repayment options. This may be even more important for you as Mars makes his once in every 2-year visit to your 8th house. Action you take in this area of your life now will save larger problems down the track, and in fact, may even become a blessing.


One thing is for certain about Mars, is that it’s a fairly honest and upfront planet. As it tours your 7th house of relationships, you’re encouraged to get clear about your wants and desires in a key partnership. The choices you do or don’t make over the next 6-weeks will be an indicator of some of the longer-term outcomes. Depending on your current situation, this could be a time to step up and stake your claim, so to speak. While for others, the volatile nature of Mars may bring an overdue, yet necessary relationship shake up.


Your personal priorities and time management will be a key area worth improving over the next 6 weeks. Mars in your 6th house of daily grind and general busyness can make you feel like you’re chasing your tail if you don’t plan effectively. Consider your top priorities and anything that is negotiable can wait. As the pace picks up, you’ll need to amplify your self-care and wellness rituals. Healthy foods, exercise and the general regular advice will be worth heeding. Going for a walk or time with your pet can also help.


The ways in which we are collectively having fun and experiencing joy in our life looks very different now. For you, this is increasingly amplified thanks to your 5th house of creativity and joy being in cosmic focus. Mars can fire up your desire to do more of the things you love, be it a hobby, creative outlet or other personal passions. Children may remind of you of the simple joys of life. Pleasure and romance are highlighted too, so where possible, make room for the ways you’d like to shake a little salt on your life.


Your home, family and domestic situation are under the cosmic spotlight now. As your ruling planet fires up your 4th sector, you may be considering a DIY project or tasks you can complete around your home. This kind of movement happens just once every two years, so this could inspire a relocation or renovation later in the year, particularly if you’re feeling restless right now. If you’re looking for long-term security, Mars may prompt you to consider your future options about how that might look like for you.


If you’ve got extra time on your hands and beginning to feel bored or restless, you’re in the perfect position to focus your energy and attention on self-development. Catching up on podcasts, reading or any other material can inspire and reveal new horizons for you to explore once things get back to some kind of new normal. If there’s been a topic that you’ve always wanted to gain knowledge about, signing up for a webinar or short course may lead you upon future paths and possibilities you can’t quite imagine just yet.


Money is likely to be a topic of focus for you while Mars, and your ruling planet, Saturn, occupy your 2nd house. This is an ideal time to strategize a new spending and savings plan. Mars might boost your mojo for making money too. If you’re employment situation is looking doubtful right now, then you might need to focus your energies toward developing a side hustle or additional income streams. Thinking outside the box and aligning yourself with what is authentic will be your key for future success, abundance and security.


The tide as shifted and much of the cosmic focus is now on you. You’ve got a once in every 2-year opportunity to not only set yourself up for immediate success, but also for longer term opportunities and stability. Even though you may feel restrained or restricted by current circumstances, your mission if you choose to except it, is to push back on the status quo and follow your desires. Even if you’re not entirely certain what they are, you’ll figure it out by taking action. A risky move made now is likely to pay off later in the year.


As Mars dips into your private and secluded 12th house, you might like to spend more time alone. Apart from the kind of self-isolation that many people are doing now, this is more of an internal process where some of your big life questions may bubble up to the surface. Be gentle on yourself and remember that the questions can be just questions. The more time you allow them to marinate, the higher the potential to find solutions that will pave a new authentic path over the next few years.

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