Mars Direct – Courage & Desire

One of my biggest joys as an astrologer is helping my clients unlock what it is they really want. By decoding the signs and symbols in their birth chart, we can unravel the choices that led them to this point, and what the next steps might be to move past a sticking point.

Sometimes, when the time is right, I’ll simply ask, “what do you want?” For many people, this simple and direct question can actually be pretty loaded. You never need to ask a toddler what they want. They’ll tell you. They’ll demand it!

Alas, as adults, we’ve had a lifetime of conditioning. We’ve learned to share. We’ve experienced rejection. We’ve learned to think of others before ourselves in order to feel love or acceptance. Continually denying our desires because of all the ‘shoulds’ of life.  
So I break it down. I might ask, ‘what are you no longer available for?’ or, ‘what are you no longer willing to accept?’ ‘what are your non-negotiables?’

Since September 9, we’ve had a long time to think about what they might be, thanks to Mars embarking upon its retrograde phase in Aries. Now that Mars is moving direct (since November 13 / 14) we now have a clear passage to begin to position ourselves toward the direction of desire.

That being said, Mars only moves 2 degrees the entire month of November as he retraces his steps over ground already covered in September and October. This feeling reminds me of many a scene from my beloved medieval TV shows when all the warriors are back at camp sharpening their swords. As they grind stone against steel, they ponder the battles won and lost, and garner the strength for the next one.

You might notice topics or themes from the October / November period reappear as you may get a second chance to address what you didn’t have the courage or clarity to tackle then. Any uncertainty or confusion from then may become crystal clear.

Mars will remain in Aries until January 6 / 7 2021. The next almost two months may be a time for renewed confidence about the things you really want. One particular feature I like as Mars marches through the last 15 degrees of Aries, he increasingly becomes more like himself. Once he moves beyond the station degree on December 17 and no longer in shadow, he’ll also escape the clutches of Saturn, who by then, will be in Aquarius.

Unimpeded by the weighty restrictive and dominating influence of Saturn, you too may discover that your mojo for the topics of the Aries house in your birth chart become easier to wrangle.

On Friday night, the night of Mars on his station, I watched Barbarians on Netflix. Based on the 9AD battle of The Teutoburg Forest, I noticed so much symbolism relating to this Mars cycle. Oppressed by the heavy taxes and demands for tribute by the Romans, the Germanic tribes reluctantly band together to push back against the Empire.

Mars isn’t just about war and strife. It’s also about fighting for a cause, something you believe in, or pushing back against something you can no longer tolerate. Just like the warring chieftains of the tribes, this might mean you have to put petty differences aside for a cause worth fighting for. Even if the odds are stacked against you, tapping into your inner fire can help you push past limitations – real or perceived.

“I learned a lot from them, about the lights in the sky. In Rome, some believe they are big spheres. The Greeks call them planets. They are fast like arrows, they are flying around us.”


Arminius, an eques in the Roman army deflected against the Romans to defend his native people regularly prayed to Mars for protection and courage.
Until Mars regains speed, November may be an ideal time to do your own form of praying. Before cutting something away, like a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, habit or attitude, take the time to reignite your own inner warrior. When you decide what you’re no longer available for, it will become easier to make difficult, but necessary choices. Thus, bringing you closer to what it is you truly want.

What are you looking forward to making confidence choices about as 2020 draws to a close?

1 thought on “Mars Direct – Courage & Desire”

  1. Cassandra,
    I met you at a 3 people workshop in Brisbane – just wanted to let you know everything you said for me has come about. And now, as a Pisces with 4 planets in Aries – WOOHOO I’m girding my loins for the push that I’m hoping comes from increased confidence in this time.
    Jeanette Blake

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