Mars and The Moon – A Chapter Closes, Another Opens

Last night, after a South Indian feast, I rubbed my full belly Cancerian style, looked up at the night sky and caught sight of the first quarter Moon up close and personal with bright red and ominous Mars. Through the scattering clouds, the beauty was spectacular, almost eerie.

I ran back inside, up the stairs and opened the plantation shutters to show Mr Capricorn. I explained to him how it will be another 2 years before we see the Moon and Mars conjoined in Aquarius. I described that it is almost like the light of the first quarter Moon encourages a certain drive or a push to continue to grow and learn, and share the knowledge, wisdom and insights that the last 2 years of Leo/Aquarius eclipses have brought us, and of course, the frustrating and cathartic journey of the recent Mars retrograde.

The next time the Moon and Mars conjoin in Aquarius on November 16, they won’t get to make an exact conjunction before Mars slips into watery Pisces. There will be other notable changes in the astro weather then, that suggests that last night’s celestial theatre was truly indicative of the changing of the guard. The Nodes will be in Cancer/Capricorn, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius and Venus will be stationing direct in Libra.

As we continued to peak between the shutters, the cloud cover obscured Mars. I couldn’t help but feel a massive chapter was almost over and brand new one was about to begin.

With Mars on the move and an active first quarter Moon, you may feel the urge to put in motion what has been stuck over the last several months since Mars turned retrograde on June 26/27. You might experience a breakthrough or a momentum build around your ideas or thoughts on a particular area of life. Even if you can’t quite pinpoint the shift, you might be feeling less stalled or blocked overall, especially if you have a dominant Mars or planets or angles in Aquarius.

Today, Mercury in Scorpio will move toward a square with Mars at 14 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. This tense aspect highlights the need to express deep feelings versus the desire to move ahead with detached logic.

You might be keen to action a plan, project or goal, but the mind is questioning whether you can trust it. Pushing your feelings down and over-trusting in the power of logical thinking is possible. Facts and feelings aren’t always meant to be in harmony with each other. Any frustrations that bubble up the surface today indicate you may need more time. We’re not at the end of the tunnel just yet, but we can begin to see the light.

Have you felt that the pathway moving forward has begun to open up? Are you feeling more courage or confidence as Mars is back on track? What are you looking forward to as the new season of astro-weather approaches?

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