Mars and Jupiter- Create Your Own Luck

One of the aspects perfecting over the weekend and into next week is the sextile between Mars and Jupiter. I didn’t mention it in my weekly post, but as the week progressed, I have seen how this aspect is playing out for many people.

Mars is about energy, drive, passion, conflict and ones personal will or impetus to act, and in his home sign of Scorpio, Mars has the ability to act without obstruction.
Jupiter however isn’t so happy. In his detriment in Virgo, he is limited in his ability to explore wide horizons and engage in his essence of expansion. Virgo wants details, Jupiter doesn’t care for those!

As Mars and Jupiter begin to make a supportive celestial link, you may realise you have to fight for what you believe in or what is important to you. You may also have to change your tactic in order to get what you want. Good things don’t come to those who wait under this duo, good things come to those who not only knock on the door, but are prepared to kick it down.

If you feel like you’re doing your best to achieve something without success, change up your tactic- be bold, be assertive- dare to dream!

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