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Late in 2020, I was commissioned to put together a body of work that encompasses a broad range of relationships, using astrology of course! Thus, the first edition of WellBeing Astrology & Relationships – Love, Family & Friendship was born.

Outlining each of the 12 signs and their astrological predispositions as parents, siblings and friends, you’re then guided through each sign combined with other signs. Thus, making this “bookazine” essential reading for years to come!

Relationships are the cornerstone of our human experience. The connections shared with your parents and caregivers, your siblings, your friendships and lovers all play an imperative role in the person you are and continue to become.
Astrology offers a symbolic language in which to describe your own innate and unique personality. By understanding yourself first, you can then begin to understand those who you hold close to your heart. The position the planets held on the day you were born provides a special kind of insight, helping you traverse the nature of relationships through the course of your life. With a knowledge of this language, you can consciously form rich, deep and meaningful relationships. Astrology provides a framework for understanding when and why relationships happen as well as the nature of the connection you share. When a relationship doesn’t work out, astrology can also help to provide a framework for that experience too.

In this special WellBeing Relationship Astrology edition, you’ll discover more about your own individual tendencies as well as those you are in partnership with. Guided on an astrological tour through a selection of key relationships, you’ll learn more about the dynamics you share with the most important people in your life. You’ll come to understand the key differences between you as well as tips for navigating the connection you share.

Included are feature articles from talented Australian astrologers Alicia Yusuf and Scarlet Coote who dive into what are often referred to as personal planets. The Moon as the key signifier of emotional connections and Venus and Mars as the principles of attraction and desire. Learning more about Mercury in your birth chart can help you work through the sometimes-tricky territory of effective communication within relationships.

My hope for you in reading this ‘cookbook’ style astrology is to offer insight and guidance so you can improve the quality of the relationships in your life. As you explore key relationships and the 144 Sun Sign combinations, I recommend reading the reverse combination too. For example, if you’re a Taurus paired with a Pisces, reading the combination of Pisces paired with Taurus will bring additional insight.

As the relationships you share with family, friends and within loving partnerships grow, change and evolve, no doubt, this guidebook will be a valuable tool for you now, and in the years to come.
Before you dive into the following pages, I’d like to inspire you with quote from Rumi;

This is love
to fly toward a secret sky,
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.
First, to let go of life. Finally,
to take a step without feet.

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