Libra Equinox

This post is updated from 2017.

Like divine timing, just as the Sun is about to enter cardinal Libra, initiating the Spring Equinox here in the South, the mercury has soared, making it feel like Summer already!

We are currently on the eve of one of the major turning points of the Sun, known as the Equinox. This is the point in the Sun’s journey around the Earth (from our perspective) where it crosses the equator. This happens twice a year, in March and September.

The term Equinox is Latin for ‘equal night.’ At this time, the days and night are equal. This symbolises balance in all areas of life, the light and dark, masculine and feminine, joy and grief, yin and yang.

This is the rhythm of nature. The life, death and rebirth cycle of which all ancient mysteries are sprouted from, calling for balance and harmony with the order of the cosmos.

The 4 Turning Points of The Sun

Autumn Equinox– seeding planting
Winter Solstice – gestation
Spring – the blossoming
Summer– the harvest

Each of these seasons correlate with the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Astrologically, these signs represent starting or initiating things. If you have planets in these signs, chances are you’re great at quickly turning an idea into action, but not necessarily so apt at completion.

The seasons are the same. While the Sun is in Libra, the Southern Hemisphere experiences the swift change from Winter to Spring. Like the Carinal signs, there is a drive within to push forward and to move onwards and upwards. I witness this personally as I anticipate the excitement of my garden annuals bursting into bloom.

We’ll experience the onset of Spring over the next 4 weeks. Once the Sun moves into Scorpio, the qualities of Spring will become fixed or rigid. Then finally, once we enter Sagittarius, the weather will grow warmer, but it’s still not stable Summer territory yet. If you’ve ever wondered how each sign became associated with the modalities known as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, it relates to the movement of the Sun and the seasons.

From the Southern perspective, the Earth is turning away from the dark and towards increasing light as we witness the days grow longer over the upcoming weeks.

Changing Times

The sign of Libra is represented by the scales and is associated with the concepts of justice and truth.
Libra is also connected to relationships. As an air sign ruled by Venus, social intelligence including choice and thought become important. What is wrong or right, good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable are laid out on the table for deliberation.

To be in Libra’s world, balancing these seemingly opposing sides is an attempt to co-exist in peace and harmony. Libra is a social sign, who likes to work with others to promote what is fair and just.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is often associated with sweet benevolence. The mythical Venus was far from that. As a love goddess, she was scrupulous in getting her desires met.

While Libra does have a charming disposition we all know and love, the underside of Libra is that they are working on their own agenda. It reminds me of something my very first astrology teacher once said, “Libra is an Aries in a pink dress.”

As the Libra season of 2020 will be a fixture of October’s “cardinal crunch,” themes of equality and justice will be intensified. In both the personal and collective spheres, it will be more important than ever to fight for what’s right, ensuring the scales are in everyone’s favour.

From Dark To Light

In ancient times, rituals were performed to cleanse the stagnant dark energy of Winter to herald the fresh growth of Spring. The modern-day ritual of a ‘spring clean’ can help rid you of your own kind of stagnant energy, both physical and emotional, and make room for new growth in multiple areas of life.

Overall, despite which hemisphere you’re reading this from, the Libra equinox is about harmony and balance. Seeking this elusive apex can come in all shapes and forms. It might be about carving out more time for family, your partner or for yourself. Taking action on plans that have laid dormant over the last few months is also a possibility.

As the days and nights remain relatively equal now, how to you intend to strike better balance in your own life?

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