Leo Season Has Arrived!

“In an ordinary sense, the sky is an astrological clock, and we tell ordinary time by it- measuring out our lives in years, months, and days by the motions of the Sun and Moon…”
The Fated Sky, Benson Bobrick, p.150

As our original clock, the Sun and Moon signify changing times. I often liken the Sun to the hour hand, the Moon to the minute hand. Overnight, the Sun dipped into his Kingly home, heralding the official beginning of Leo season.
After what seemed like a super long planetary period of Cancer, Mars, the Sun and shortly the Moon will join Mercury and the North Node, all in the sign of Leo. This will make the area of your life governed by Leo intense over the upcoming weeks.

A sense of drying out or separating from any emotional ties is suggested. Stepping out in a bold or dramatic way is highlighted.

Leo is a sign associated with being the centre of attention due to its ruler the Sun, being centre of the universe. It is the giver of warmth and light, two vital principles for life on Earth.

Those born under the sign of Leo are often big-hearted and generous, radiating a light that others are instantly drawn to. While Leo’s tend to give a lot, they often expect a lot in return, thus the reputation for drama or being high maintenance at times.

Even if you’re not born during the Sun’s passage through Leo or have other planets in that sign, you most definitely will a house ruled by this fixed fire sign.

This is the part of life that is likely to demand most of your attention, or, be the most ‘high maintenance’ for you. You may even have to give a lot, but it will also repay you threefold.

This evening, Australian time, at 7:46pm, a New Moon will occur at 0 degrees and 44 minutes of Leo. The general nature of a New Moon is to plant seeds for manifestation around the area of life the New Moon falls in. It’s like a cosmic invitation to pay attention to something you might not otherwise be focused on or be paying particular notice of.
However, with such an intense Leo season coming up, it’s nearly impossible to not pay attention to what’s going on in your Leo house!

Hot off the heels of the New Moon, Mars and the Sun join forces at 3 degrees of Leo, a condition known as Cazimi. For Mars, this only occurs once every 2 years where the planet that rules drive, motivation, daily discipline, the concept of cutting or severing, and is associated with the warrior archetype, is purified or renewed by the rays of the Sun.
I liken this process to inserting the battery into your smartphone. The screen lights up and all system function begin to operate properly.

Where have you been functioning at less than capacity recently? Where would you like to put more energy, drive and focus? This New Moon, combined with Mars can help you make that manifest.

For me personally, the last month or so I’ve been feeling pretty lazy. Just ticking off the essential tasks but not particularly motivated or driven to go beyond that. It’s been frustrating to say the least. I also recognise, that I’m not a wind up solider. I’ve learned to value the process of periodical rest, in order to help you see things from a fresh or renewed perspective.

As the Moon drifts through the last portion of watery Cancer in her balsamic phase today, you too may recognise the value of rest and self-care. A sense of feeling ready close the door on some emotional complexities, especially those tied to your past, so like both the Moon and Mars, you can re-emerge energised, confident and vital.

New Moon in Leo 0 degrees and 44 minutes, July 23
Brisbane 7:46pm
New Zealand 9:46pm
Singapore 5:46pm
New York 5:46am
London 10:46am

Not sure of where your focus will be during Leo season?

Aries – 5th house- fun, creativity, children and the simple pleasures in life
Taurus– 4th house- your domestic scene, real estate, family relationships
Gemini– 3rd house- writing, studying, short journeys and rituals
Cancer– 2nd house- everything to do with your income and cash flow
Leo– 1st house – all about you, your physical body, attitudes and habits
Virgo– 12th house – rest renewal, letting go of what is sabotaging your best efforts
Libra– 11th house- friendship, luck and opportunity, networks and associations
Scorpio – 10th house- career, recognition, public reputation, ambition
Sagittarius– 9th house- travel, spirituality, adventure and discovery
Capricorn– 8th house- joint finance, tax, debt, loans, savings, loss
Aquarius– 7th house- significant relationships, marriage, known enemies
Pisces– 6th house- hard work, sickness, ‘the grind’

How do you think this upcoming season will play out in your life? Feel free to post a comment in the section below!

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