Leo New Moon + Weekly Update

This week begins a new month that is filled with changing tides, curve balls, moments of confusion combined with clarity. August is the last leg of the first three quarters of 2016. Come September, the terrain will become a little smoother.

The 3rd brings a sigh of relief as Mars re-enters Sagittarius. He was last in the archers sign from March through to May before he began a long and arduous retrograde which saw him reverse back into the sign of Scorpio.
You may need to re-hash some issues that initially presented themselves earlier this year. The difference is that now, you’re wiser and more aware.
Mars can find a certain level of kinship in the sign of Sadge, as they are both hot, fiery and movement orientated. Where life has felt stuck, you can now look forward to rapid developments.
This is Mars’ second chance in Sagittarius and your approach to your most important goals will have a mature and disciplined approach this time around. Saturn’s co-presence won’t make life any easier, but you’ll have the fortitude to see things to fruition.
Just after Mars’ entry into Sagittarius, the New Moon falls in fellow fire sign, Leo. This additional dose of fire is perfect to dry out the watery weather of the last lunation in Cancer. Ruled by the Sun, this New Moon is the hottest and most dynamic and radiant of them all.
How do you want to shine in the world? How would you like to express your soul or essence to others? How can you increase your spirit of generosity? Like the Sun itself, Leo generates a warmth that is hard to resist.
Although separating, Saturn makes supportive trine to both the Sun and the Moon. Intentions, goals, hopes and wishes you make under this New Moon are likely to enjoy longevity.

August 6 brings Venus into Virgo. Venus does have some difficulty expressing her best attributes here and is known to be in ‘fall.’ Although this may sound a little harsh, it simply suggests that Venus and her desire to unify and enjoy the good things in life is contrary to the nature of Virgo, who prefers minimalism and critical analysis.
Until August 30, try to avoid fault finding or let the little things get in the way of enjoying some of life’s sweetest pleasures.

As Venus enters Virgo, she will again hit hard up against Mars which she’s done several times of late. While this can create some excitable tension, Venus’ current position is to pull back while Mars wants to push forward.
While Mercury is in an exceptional position in Virgo, his square aspect indicates that conversations will bring reality checks and clarity in regard to love.

“Leo” Artwork by Intuitive Artist Michelle Smith

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