Know Thyself

This morning, I went to a meditation group that meet once a month. It’s held on the other side of Brisbane so I left extra early in anticipation of caffeination, and to ponder the astrology of the week. When I arrived, I discovered that the room had been double booked, and if the group still wanted to go ahead with the meditation, then we could relocate a local beach- better location but no coffee shops!
So I traipsed through an unfamiliar shopping centre, back to my car and entered the new location into my phone. Needless to say, the GPS seemed to be sending me in circles, and with other issues playing out in my mind, I was about to pull the pin in anger and frustration and head home. I got up early, I travelled a long distance, and I desperately felt I needed to reset myself internally as I hadn’t been for a couple of months, so I persisted.

I finally found the spot where everyone else was, and I was one of the last to arrive. With a predominance of mutability in my own birth chart, it felt strange to have this wave of frustration and irritability about the sudden change of venue (quite possibly the lack of coffee too) and to be honest, I had to fight the urge to leave.

I had two choices, I could be a coward and run away and likely feel my irritability, anger and frustration increase, or, I could turn and face the light, like a flower opens toward the Sun.

As I sat down, I attempted to shake off this unpleasant feeling and the problems I’d left behind, it then popped into my mind that the Sun Mars square perfects today.

This is the inherent impetus of all life, to turn toward the light. This is an inherent part of my work as an astrologer, to help turn you toward the light, to know thyself.
No matter the planetary weather, the flower will always turn to the sun to bloom. To follow thy path and to know thy self is always peppered with hardship, challenges and loss. Mars will be the principle cause of many challenges in the upcoming months. When the feeling of anger, frustration and irritability set to rise, stop, turn toward the Sun… know thy self.

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