Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. At approximately 1300 times larger than Earth, Jupiter represents growth, abundance, fortune and luck.

Jupiter also has a philosophical side. He steeps us into an ideal, inspires us with a long-term goal and aspires us to become something better than we already are. Thus, bringing meaning, purpose and direction to our lives.

Astronomically, he’s classified as a gas giant. Astrologically he symbolises parts of life we cannot see, but are still vital to our human experience. Faith, hope and optimism are unseen and intangible, but give our life an invaluable sense of meaning. The big planet also governs topics including religion, spirituality and moral codes. His placement in your birth chart shows where you can easily create a vision and access your unique version of abundance, growth and luck.

The Jupitarian personality tends to be driven by knowledge and/or experience more than material security. Two of the ways we can tap into Jupiter’s realm is through learning or, teaching and travel. It’s these experiences that make us both rich and wise. Jupitarian types are often happy-go-lucky people who have an uncanny ability to recognise opportunity and expand upon it.

It is said that Jupiter expands whatever he touches in the birth chart. Here is where we can find our sense of joy and positively share our gifts and talents to others. If you can recall a time during your life where it felt like the road was rising up to meet you, or that opportunities fell in your lap, it’s likely that Jupiter’s generous influence was at play. The popular concept of showing gratitude taps into Jupiter’s gifts by showing active faith that abundance, happiness or opportunity will increase in our life.

In the birth chart, Jupiter highlights what you are naturally good at or comes with ease, where you seek to grow, and where you find faith and meaning in life. Jupiter is known as the ‘great benefic,’ and demonstrates how you can experience joy and radiate your personal Jupitarian qualities in your own life and of the lives of those around you. Jupiter has a gentle and supportive energy. Similar to an inspirational teacher or life coach who can help you navigate your potential for success and growth, by passing their own understanding and experiences onto you.

Jupiter can be described as the Midas touch. If you know a little about Jupiter’s placement in your birth chart, you’ll see where a little effort can go a long way. Due to his vast size, the energy of Jupiter in your own birth chart cannot be missed.

Jupiter shows where your good luck lies. He signifies your natural gifts, your sense of broad-mindedness and the ability to consider others. One feature of Jupiter we don’t hear much about is his ability to stabilise and create coherence. An example of this are practices such as yoga or tai-chi that involve not only the body, but also the mind, breath and spirit. By bringing these factors together, we create a complete and harmonious whole. It’s not about forcing the body into a pose, but gently bringing the pieces together, to soften, grow and expand at the same time. Similarly, Jupiter is about the whole and not the sum of the parts, and that is the sweet spot of luck and abundance the Jupiter provides.

Not only is Jupiter considered the most fortunate of planets, but is also warm and moist of temperament, which provide ideal conditions for growth. The old Goldilocks tale of ‘not too cold, not too hot, but just right’ is the balance and coherence that Jupiter seeks.

Jupiter holds rulership over the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, two signs associated with a strong sense of morality, and seek to live life according to a set of core beliefs. Sagittarius, the fiery yang version of Jupiter champions for justice, truth and equality. The watery yin version of Pisces, is a well of creative and inspired imagination that is just as passionate as Sagittarius, but in a less extroverted way.

While you may not be a Sagittarius or Pisces, you can still carry the torch for Jupiter in your own life, especially if he resides in an angular house in your birth chart. Angular houses represent the position of sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight in the chart. These positions are commonly known as the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. These houses give planets a goaded energy with more impetus and power to be a dominating influence in your life and personality.

Due to Jupiter’s vast distance from the Sun, it takes a total of 12 years to complete an entire cycle around the zodiac and spends approximately 1 year in a sign. Every 12 years, he’ll return to the position he occupied at your birth, known as a Jupiter return. Regardless of which sign or house position Jupiter occupies in your chart, he will return during the following ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84.
These are often considered to be peak years of growth, where Jupiter can offer a renewed enthusiasm and a desire to expand an area of life in some way. Themes of travel, study, discovery, exploration, spirituality and religion can become core themes during these years. You may be inspired to have an adventure or, you can experience a peak period of opportunity and growth during a Jupiter return.

The cycle of Jupiter can help you prepare and plan for specific growth periods in life. It’s not just at the return you can expect Jupiter’s buoyant influence, but also when he triggers other areas of your birth chart like your career, love or financial sectors too. During these busy periods, life will present a smorgasbord of opportunity that will feel impossible to say no to. One of the keys to success with Jupiter is to say yes to as much as you can without overstretching yourself. An experienced astrologer can advise when you will experience Jupiter’s touch in key areas of your birth chart and offer practical and insightful advice on how to best prepare for them. If you know when you can enjoy the flow of greater abundance in your life, you can position and prepare yourself to benefit from Jupiter’s bountiful offerings.

Forming alliances with others, both personally and professionally with those in the same or compatible sign element as you can bring great growth to joint ventures. As Jupiter describes faith, belief and what we aspire to, sharing these visions with those close to you can create positive environment for joy and success. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and finally the water trio are made up of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The fire and air signs are compatible with each other and so are the earth and water signs.

As Jupiter represents the intangible, success is often created by a set of attitudes rather than circumstances. Jupiter’s nature is generous, buoyant and optimistic. In some signs, he can express his nature more purely than others. Regardless, by developing the attributes of your own Jupiter sign will hold the key to luck and abundance in your life.

Jupiter Through The Signs

When Jupiter joins the most independent and feisty of the signs, a fearless risk-taker is born. Ruled by energetic Mars, ambition may know no bounds. They rise to meet challenges and find their sense of purpose through venturing into the unknown, often alone. Jupiter in Aries can embody the ‘act now, think later’ philosophy due to a sheer lack of recognising obstacles or barriers in the first place. A rebellious streak often manifests, making this combination ideal for self-employment or pioneering pursuits. Highly competitive, they love to win, whether that is in sports, business or life in general. Abundance and luck can easily manifest for when they trust in their own confidence and ability to act.
Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Russell Brand

In the most steadfast of signs, Jupiter seeks to improve through being productive and reliable. Jupiter instils a faith that all will be provided for. Not a natural risk taker, they appreciate the material world and the comfort and security it provides. These people are loyal and value continuity, disliking change. Growth and progress is slow and measured, staying within comfort zones. They slowly savour each experience and enjoy simplicity. Jupiter’s generosity helps share acquired wealth and resources. Success can be acquired by a down to earth philosophical approach, remaining optimistic, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.
Keanu Reeves, Vladimir Putin, Adele, Sarah Jessica Parker

As the quintessential jack of all trades, Jupiter in Gemini seeks knowledge through a wide variety of avenues. You will find these people avidly seeking out new information and sharing what they learn with anyone who will listen. Over the years, they will develop a wide range of skills, talents and knowledge. Curiosity and changing interests can sometimes impair their ability to keep the faith. A natural storyteller, they can inspire others through their stories and their sense of humour. Versatility and the love of change is the key for unlocking success.
Oprah Winfrey, Kayne West, JK Rowling, Charlie Sheen

The core need of Cancer is emotional security and with Jupiter’s generosity, their nurturing side is heightened. Family values and traditions are important as they seek to grow themselves through loved ones. This combination can demonstrate big picture visions with soft tender feelings, which inspires those they love. They straddle hopeful optimism for the future with respect for the past. Opportunities and prosperity lie in the home or family environment and with those the consider to be a part of their clan. Their innate understanding of human emotions can make them successful in business and in relationships.
Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, Heath Ledger

When Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign, a warm radiance and exuberance is best expressed through supportive encouragement of others. Big hearted by nature, generosity is a huge part of their character. This regal combination loves to be at the top of their chosen field and takes great pride in that position. Having a vehicle for self-expression where self-confidence can be developed will highlight the exuberant gifts of Jupiter in Leo. They may preach the importance of play and living life with joy, inclusive of luxuries and pleasure. Opportunities for success lie within creative outlets, breadth of vision and keeping faith in their own abilities.
Pink, Ed Sheeran, Gordon Ramsay, Nicole Kidman

Those with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo seek to self-improve by refining and perfecting their skills. Their flair for detail orientated work can be contradictory to Jupiter’s expansive themes of faith and optimism. Dedicated to service, opportunities are sought through helpfulness and an understanding that the little things matter. As one of the more risk shy Jupiter signs, expansion and growth are found with regular routines and a consistent approach to work. Good fortune is possible through finding the divine in the mundane. Through dedication to service and maintaining high standards, meaning and purpose to life can be found.
Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Sylvia Plath

Fairness is a hallmark behind the personal philosophy of Jupiter in Libra. These are the diplomats, the peace keepers, the social justice warriors and often have a flair for the arts. Their talents lie in their ability to form a well-balanced and objective attitude. Considering all points of view can sometimes undermine confident or decisive thinking. Their best opportunities lie within forming close relationships, either professional or personal and is where they are willing to take the biggest risks. Success and luck come from friendships or partnerships providing there is an equal flow of energy and effort.
Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton

Luck comes to those born under Jupiter in Scorpio through being strategic, patient and keeping their cards close to their chest. Born with an immense psychic power, they have an ability to tap into energetic subtleties that others aren’t aware of. They deeply understand the power and influence of money trends in both business and in human behaviour, using this to create opportunity or wealth. The more they tap into their spiritual side, the more powerful they become. Their feelings are deep and intense and abundance lies in their reservoir of personal power.
Elvis Presley, Dalai Lama, Prince William, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Forward thinking and optimistic, these people seek to improve themselves by aspiring toward a far-off goal. Being in Jupiter’s own sign, he is strong and pure here. Philosophical in nature, they trust in the innate goodness in life, and seek to both learn and share in knowledge and experience. Being in the fire element, there is a tendency to overdo things. The desire to quest and discover can lead to new horizons but can also lead to restlessness. Positive thinking is a mantra for those with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Luck lies primarily in an optimistic outlook that is both prophetic, inspiring and broadminded.
Hilary Clinton, Colin Firth, Chris Hemsworth, Amy Winehouse

Jupitarian exuberance is strongly tempered by conservative and cautious attitudes due to being in a Saturn ruled sign. Growth is sought via hard work, perseverance and a strong focus on tangible reality. Their innate wisdom and authoritarian nature can inspire trust and confidence in others. A natural understanding of business structures can ensure their success over time. Vision and hope for the future is based on history or from their own past experiences. Dedication to duty and obligations fuels their ambition. The more they follow the rules, the more success they will have.
Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Pope Francis

Unusual, eccentric, rebellious. The Jupiter in Aquarius persons’ beliefs lie firmly in their uniqueness, humanitarian pursuits and intellectual ideals. They are masters of experimentation and seek to do things differently. With an open mind, they have a broad tolerance of others. They express their generosity through utopian ideals and placing their faith in a cause. They trust in big ideas and concepts in life, but sometimes lack the nuanced elements of interpersonal relationships. Originality in group endeavours is where luck and abundance can be generated.
Barack Obama, George Clooney, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana

In Jupiter’s watery home of Pisces, we find the zodiacs big dreamers. They possess a heightened level of spiritual and compassionate awareness. Personal boundaries aren’t always their strong suite as they seek to help all those of whom they come into contact. They seek to live an inspired life and enjoy a well-developed trust in a divine power that guides them. Their ideal is to be of service to those who cannot help themselves. Benevolence in life comes through being kind-hearted and dedicating themselves to developing both the inner and out worlds at the same time.
Quentin Tarantino, Fredrick Nietzsche, Drew Barrymore, Isaac Newton

Find Your Jupiter

Jupiter in Aries
April 22 1951- April 28 1952, April 5 1963 – April 12 1964, March 19 1975 – March 19 1976, March 3 1987 – March 8 1988, February 14 1999 – June 28 1999, October 24 1999 – February 14 2000, June 7 2010 – September 9 2010, January 23 2011 – June 4 2011,

Jupiter in Taurus
April 29 1952 – May 9 1953, April 13 1964 – April 22 1965, March 20 1976 – August 23 1976, October 17 1976 – April 3 1977, March 9 1988 – July 21 1988, December 1 1988 – March 11 1989, June 29 1999 – October 23 1999, February 15 2000 – June 30 2000, June 5 2011 – June 22 2012,

Jupiter in Gemini
May 10 1953 – May 24 1954, April 23 1965 – September 21 1965, November 18 1965 – May 5 1966, August 24 1976 – October 16 1976, April 4 1977 – August 20 1977, December 31 1977 – April 12 1978, July 22 1988 – November 30 1988, March 12 1989 – July 30 1989, July 1 2000 – July 13 2001, June 23 2012 – June 26 2013,

Jupiter in Cancer
May 25 1954 – June 13 1955, September 22 1965 – November 17 1965, May 6 1966 – September 27 1966, January 17 1967 – May 23 1967, August 21 1977 – December 30 1977, April 13 1978 – September 5 1978, March 1 1979 – April 20 1979, July 31 1989 – August 18 1990, July 14 2001 – August 1 2002, June 27 2013 – July 16 2014,

Jupiter in Leo
June 14 1955 – November 18 1955, January 19 1956 – July 7 1956, September 28 1966 – January 16 1967, May 24 1967 – October 19 1967, February 28 1968 – June 15 1968, September 6 1978 – February 28 1978, April 21 1979 – September 29 1979, August 19 1990 – September 12 1991, August 2 2002 – August 27 2003, July 17 2014 – August 11 2015,

Jupiter in Virgo
November 19 1955 – January 18 1956, July 8 1956 – December 13 1956, February 20 1957 – August 7 1957, October 20 1967 – February 27 1968, June 16 1968 – November 15 1968, March 31 1969 – July 15 1969, September 30 1979 – October 27 1980, September 13 1991 – October 10 1982, August 28 2003 – September 25 2004, August 12 2015 – September 9 2016,

Jupiter in Libra
December 14 1956 – February 19 1957, August 8 1957 – January 13 1958, March 21 1958 – September 7 1958, November 16 1968 – March 30 1969, July 16 1969 – December 16 1969, May 1 1970 – August 15 1970, October 28 1980 – November 27 1981, October 11 1992 – November 10 1993, September 26 2004 – October 26 2005, September 10 2016 – October 10 2017,

Jupiter in Scorpio
January 14 1958 – March 20 1958, September 8 1958 – February 10 1959, April 25 1959 – October 5 1959, December 17 1969 – April 30 1970, August 16 1970 – January 14 1971, June 6 1971 – September 11 1971, November 28 1981 – December 26 1982, November 11 1993 – December 9 1994, October 27 2005 – November 24 2006, October 11 2017 – November 9 2018

Jupiter in Sagittarius
February 11 1959 – April 24 1959, October 6 1959 – March 1 1960, June 11 1960 – October 26 1960, January 15 1971 – June 5 1971, September 12 1971 – February 6 1972, July 25 1972 – September 25 1972, December 27 1982 – January 19 1984, December 10 1994 – January 3 1996, November 25 2006 – December 18 2007,

Jupiter in Capricorn
March 2 1960 – June 10 1960, October 27 1960 – March 15 1961, August 13 1961 – November 4 1961, February 7 1972 – July 24 1972, September 26 1972 – February 23 1973, January 20 1984 – February 6 1985, January 4 1996 – January 21 1997, December 19 2007 – January 5 2009,

Jupiter in Aquarius
March 16 1961 – August 12 1961, November 5 1961 – March 25 1962, February 24 1973 – March 8 1974, February 7 1985 – February 20 1986, January 22 1997 – February 4 1998, January 6 2009 – January 18 2010,

Jupiter in Pisces
April 16 1950– September 15 1950, December 2 1950 – April 21 1951, March 26 1962 – April 4 1963, March 9 1974 – March 18 1975, February 21 1986 – March 2 1987, February 5 1998 – February 13 1999, January 19 2010 – June 6 2010, September 10 2010 – January 22 2011,

*This article was originally published for WellBeing Astrology Guide 2019.

**Where is your Jupiter and how do you recognise its larger than life influence in your life?

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