Jupiter Square Pluto

The over-arching theme of the Jupiter in Libra over the next 11 months is that of truth, harmony and balance. As a sign represented by the scales, Libra seeks to find equilibrium and fairness. Being of the air element, Libra seeks this fairness in social encounters, particularly in the sphere of close relationships.

Jupiter, as a planet 1300 times larger than Earth, is said to expand what it touches, via the sign it transits or other planets it makes aspects to at any given time. Until October 2017, issues of what is fair or not in a relationship will be significant. You may have to make choices about what is right for you in order to swing the scales back into balance. I wrote about Jupiter in Libra a couple of months back.

Friday 24th sees Venus make her annual conjunction with Pluto. This powerhouse meeting will infuse the essence of truth (Pluto) into love (Venus). This intense aspect may be a little confronting at first but in the Earth sign of Capricorn, this will provide stable ground as well as a sense of practicality for you to move forward upon.

At the same time, Jupiter in Libra, joined by the Moon will make an aspect of adjustment to Venus and Pluto, known as the square. This is the first of three squares between Jupiter and Pluto, the others will happen in March and August of 2017. The first one, occurring tomorrow will offer insight into what this longer cycle will mean for you. As this is the first ‘hit’ it will be the most dramatic, exciting and the instigator of the adjustments you need to make in your relationships.

Pluto being a part of this celestial landscape, themes of power, money and control are likely to emerge. Jupiter is a planet associated with our beliefs. These series of squares may help you make adjustments or reformulate your beliefs around money. Venus being a part of this first square, your most special relationships may hold the clue to where these adjustments need to be made.

Jupiter square Pluto can offer a fresh and inspiring approach to money and power. You may need to take back some power where you have given it away, or, let go of the illusion of control and focus on what really matters.

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