Jupiter Opposite Uranus – Freedom and Authenticity

This week brings the exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, an aspect that has been one of 2017’s major planetary energies.

Exciting developments or a sudden opportunity may present that was first seeded back in December 2016, when Jupiter and Uranus made a very close, but not an exact connection.

At that time Jupiter and Uranus may have brought about the first rumblings of new insights or awareness, prompting some kind of change in direction or a choice in a sudden or unexpected way.

March brought about the second close, but not exact opposition. This time may have been less dramatic or eventful and more about navigating new terrain. You may have been prompted to act on the ideas initially manifested back in December, taking a leap of faith in your new-found authenticity.

Tomorrow, September 28 sees Jupiter and Uranus make their third and final opposition, finalising a cycle of growth that began back in September last year, when Jupiter first entered Libra.

This final swan song may highlight a choice or bring about a sudden big opportunity that may propel you in a new direction. This time with the confidence and awareness to move forward.

Jupiter and Uranus

As the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter has a reputation for expansion. While in Libra, Jupiter has put social equality and fairness in relationships firmly on the agenda.

Uranus, the first planet beyond what can be seen by the naked eye without the use of technology, brings shocks, surprises and demands authenticity.

As these two planetary bodies have been in a cosmic face-off for the last 10 months, making choices or taking a leap of faith regarding your personal authenticity within relationships has been a major theme.

Uranus waves the flag for anything new. Outdated habits or attitudes will provide a major roadblock to progress while Uranus is active.

Jupiter’s buoyant quality invites you to take a leap of faith, even if the way forward isn’t certain.

Aries and Libra, the signs currently occupied by Uranus and Jupiter respectively are Cardinal, as are Cancer and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are associated with action and movement. They don’t like to sit still for long.

If over the last 10 months, you’ve been resting on your laurels or relying on your tried and tested methods, while feeling frustrated, the cosmos is bringing a final invitation to make some changes.

If you have a love/hate relationship with change, may I, as your humble sky observer, suggest that you start taking some small steps toward doing things differently. Little things have a compounding effect. Even the smallest changes in your routine or habits help promote greater comfort with change.

Jupiter and Uranus are currently asking you to break away from old habits, structures and attitudes. If you catch yourself doing something because that’s the way you’ve always done it, that’s your cue to try a new approach.
If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Not Everyone Likes Change

One of the potential downsides to discovering your own personal authenticity is the way others respond to it.
The nature of the opposition, the aspect Jupiter and Uranus are forming, is that balance isn’t easy to obtain. Imagine that you’re on a sea saw and in balance. No one goes anywhere.

Balance demands making choices and compromises and that takes a lot of conscious effort to give your share, and get back what you need in return. This dynamic is an exchange that occurs in all types of relationships, not just the romantic ones.
The opposition calls you to go beyond our comfort zone, to be stretched or venture into the unknown.

Going out of your comfort zone takes courage. Courage is feeling the fear and acting anyway. With that comes a form of liberation which will define a way of being you could not have imagined before.

As this week brings themes of freedom, authenticity and courage to the fore, say no to what no longer feels right and follow the longing of your soul.

This may mean you’ll have to let go of certain crutches in your life. This could take shape in the form of friendships, relationships or a job.

As you take steps to show courage and break out in new and exciting ways, you’ll likely ruffle a few feathers.

Welcome opportunities that help you grow or expand, even if you don’t feel quite ready for them. Take action with what makes you feel passionate or excited. Even if you don’t have the means or know- how. A leap of faith can take you far beyond what you can see in the present moment.

Have you gone through some dramatic shifts this year? Feel free to enter your experience in the comments section below.

October 10 sees Jupiter leave Libra and enter the deep terrain of Scorpio. If you’re keen to explore this new cycle of growth, you’re welcome to join my for a webinar on October 7. You can find out more here

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