Jupiter Neptune in Pisces – a Global Perspective

This article was originally published by The Predictions Almanac, Australia, 2021.

The astrological landscape of 2022 is diametrically opposed to the energies that ushered us into a new decade. This is largely due to the influence of the planet of growth, expansion and prosperity – Jupiter, returning to the fecund nourishing waters of its home sign Pisces until May and from October to December after a preview period in May – July 2021.

For the majority of the last two years, Jupiter has been located in Saturn-ruled signs. Collectively, we found different ways of being more expansive within the containment and limitations a pandemic enforced. No longer ruled by and co-present with Saturn, 2022 promises to be a year where we can make great leaps with imagination, creativity and compassion. As the entanglement between Saturn and Uranus that dominated 2021’s skies continue this year, it will show signs of diminishing influence.

As Jupiter escapes the clutches of Saturn and works with Uranus, Jupiter in Pisces has the potential to dissolve structures and systems that have become stuck or hardened. February and August are especially poised for breakthroughs in technology around the understanding of quantum physics, dream interpretation, mediumship and spirit guide connection, sleep sciences and other modalities that assist in elevating the human condition.

Jupiter’s symbolism includes topics that cover travel, higher education, spirituality and religion, truth and ethics that guide the moral fabric of society. April is a key month for these topics as Jupiter fuses with Neptune. Together, these two planets are historically linked with waves of progression and liberal ideals, expanding the potential for humanitarian objectives.

Themes of unified collective global power and universal moral values are emphasised as the new Jupiter Neptune cycle happens in the background of 2020’s elemental shift of Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn through Air signs for the next two hundred years. The power of the internet will spread a new wave of collective consciousness.

It was 1856 when Jupiter and Neptune last joined forces in Pisces, and in 2022, we can expect history to repeat itself to a certain extent this year. The mid-19th Century is synonymous with a boom in spirituality as a result of the cholera pandemic that gripped the globe from 1846 – 1860. Innovation within the fashion and textile industries are likely too. 1856 saw The National Dress Reform Association founded in the USA who supported the wearing of Bloomers by women, liberating them from the heavy dresses that were fashionable at the time. Despite this movement being backed by religious organisations, the Bloomer became a symbol of women’s rights and symbol of feminist reform.

That year saw the revolutionising of the textile industry by the accidental discovery of the first synthetic dye known today as mauveine, in the development of a malaria treatment. Prior to that, the wearing the colour purple was only available to the wealthy. The discovery of this first synthetic dye launched the birth of the chemical industry. That, and drugs are an important factor in Jupiter Neptune cycles. In 2022, the desire to deflect from fast fashion may force new innovations within the textile industry that are both sustainable and ethical.

In the Antipodes, 1856 saw women’s suffrage in Norfolk Island extended to Pitcairn Island. Building workers agitated for the eight-hour-work day in Melbourne. In New Zealand, the oldest secondary state school was founded and Christchurch became a city, all highlighting Jupiter’s themes of justice, equality and education.

Jupiter Neptune conjunctions occur in successive zodiacal order every thirteen years, however, the last three have formed in the Saturn ruled signs of Capricorn in 1984, 1997 and 2009 in Aquarius. The last time Jupiter and Neptune formed a conjunction in a sign Jupiter rules was 1971 in January, February, May and September, in Sagittarius – a sign related to international affairs. That year, the AS President Richard Nixon declared the drug trade emanating from South America was “public enemy number one” and the term “war on drugs” was coined. As many states in America have now legalised marijuana, Australia may consider following suite under the first Jupiter – ruled conjunction in over fifty years. The softening of rigid laws on certain drugs allows for the expansive, compassionate and healing influence of this year’s cycle to enter the individual and collective conscious.

Other forms of drugs, legal or otherwise may see new developments too. That may take shape in the accessibility of COVID vaccines or other medical treatments. We may see various illicit drugs, psychedelics, plant medicines and holistic medicine modalities take centre stage, as this discombobulating cycle, can spotlight the urge to let go of conformist desires, social structures and constraints and follow one’s inner path.

April, May and November may be dynamic months where money, resources and the environment are expected to be highlighted. As Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces boost the signal for care and compassion, they first may spotlight injustice, emphasising developments around taboo or hidden topics. Financial and sexual empowerment for women may see changes in marriage and family law.

New advancements in the film, music and entertainment industry are possible, especially regarding new technologies or virtual realities. The alluring glitz and glamour of those in Hollywood, social influence or political power may shift and change as the underbelly of the so-called elite becomes exposed. Issues involving human exploitation, sex-workers, drugs and money laundering or those who’ve been enslaved economically or politically may be emancipated under the new wave of liberalism and leftist ideologies Jupiter and Neptune amplify.

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