Jupiter in Scorpio – The Great Below

Overall, Jupiter in Scorpio isn’t a comfortable transit. The unbridled enthusiasm of Jupiter, whose sole quest is to explore new horizons and ideals isn’t well placed in a sign whose introverted manner is to probe what lies beneath.
Jupiter is our Solar System’s largest planet. Placed between hot and dry Mars, and cold dry Saturn, Jupiter combines the Spring like qualities of being warm and moist.

Warmth generates movement. It’s inspiring, motivating and uplifting. Like the perfect Spring day when the weather is juuuuust right, not too hot, not to cold. It encourages us to get out and about and do the things that Winter prevents.

Jupiter embodies the qualities of moisture, which promotes growth and binds things together- like adding eggs to flour when baking.

Some common keywords for Jupiter is growth, expansion and optimism. In nature, growth doesn’t happen without the right balance of warmth and moisture. Think of a garden when the Sun comes out after rain.

When it comes to growing and evolving as a human being, integration and balance are key components. Imagine doing yoga and forcing yourself into poses that are new or uncomfortable for you. By integrating the breath and the mind, you can find a new balance and movement within your body.

As people, we are learning all the time. By coagulating new ideas and perspectives, finding balance between the old and the new, we can find meaning and purpose to our lives. This movement, be that physical, mental or spiritual and prevents us from becoming dogmatic.

Combining Jupiter’s expansive and extroverted qualities with a sign who is intensely private, makes Jupiter’s tour of Scorpio a deeply personal one. Jupiter’s quest for truth and meaning will be generated from within.
Until November 2018, you’ll be invited to go deep within and discover your hidden motivations and desires, heal wounds and develop self-mastery.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. One of the analogies I most commonly use to describe Scorpio is ‘still waters run deep.’ Scorpio has an innate awareness of the life, death and rebirth cycle of life, like the phoenix rising from the ashes that is so symbolic of the sign.

With a deep understanding of the natural laws of life, Jupiter’s next cycle welcomes us to explore the deep inner workings for our soul and integrate the pieces of who we are.

Scorpio combined with Jupiter brings its intense qualities in a larger than life way, in order to confront fears, taboos, anxieties or old wounds or trauma to promote profound healing.

Jupiter likes to ‘zoom out’ and Scorpio likes to ‘zoom in.’ The optimism, abundance and growth you’re looking for lies within you. By examining the pieces, the whole is incorporated in a complete way, like a well-oiled machine.
One of the symbols for Jupiter in Scorpio that comes to my mind is that of the magician in the tarot. As you can see, the magician has all the tools of his trade at his disposal. He is surrounded by a lush canopy of flowers.

Thus too, we are reminded that we have all the tools at our disposal, but sometimes we forget that. A deep dive within ourselves can expose the hurt, vulnerabilities or the shame that prevent us from accessing the abundance we desire. That can take shape in the form of honest and intimate relationships, career success as well as many other avenues.

Scorpio can be a strategic, curious and obsessive sign and Jupiter can overdo things. One of the potential downsides of this transit is to become enslaved by self-help or self-development. I witnessed this first hand back in 2005/2006 when Jupiter last toured Scorpio. Some people I was involved with professionally embarked on some transpersonal therapy studies and became obsessed by it. I literally felt like Prometheus, chained by Zeus to a rock getting my own secrets and personal pain plucked at every day!

While a deep dive into the self can be healing and necessary, it is also important to come back up for air occasionally. Jupiter still demands balance.

So, while Jupiter in Scorpio is not the most exuberant experience, nor will it likely manifest the outcomes you may desire at this point in time, it is important to remember this time next year we’ll be preparing for Jupiter in Sagittarius. One way to conceptualise the next 13 months is that of the archer (Sagittarius) pulling back his bow. The further he pulls it back and the longer he takes to line up his target, the more success he’ll have in hitting it.
Jupiter in Scorpio from October 10 2017 through until November 8 2018.

If you’d like to explore Jupiter in Scorpio more deeply, or gain some personal insights and practical tips for the next 13 months, you might be interested in a recent webinar.

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