Jupiter In Libra

September sees Jupiter changes signs from Virgo, where he’s been the last 12 months, into the sign of Libra. Jupiter last visited the sign of the scales back in September 2004- October 2005.

As Jupiter changes signs, he will trigger a new area of your birth chart, showing you your best opportunities for growth, new perspectives and improved relationships in the upcoming year.

In Libra, Jupiter isn’t particularly helped nor hindered. Although Jupiter is said to have no real dignity in Libra, they do share some similar qualities that allow them to get on well together.

In our Solar System, Jupiter lies between an extremely hot planet, Mars, and an extremely cold planet, Saturn. So Jupiter is said to be of moderate heat. Both Mars and Saturn are dry, Jupiter is described as being wet or moist.
The conditions of warmth and moisture are like a spring day, like we are currently seeing here in the Southern Hemisphere. Gardens are growing and flowers are blooming. The days are not too hot, and not too cold. Temperate conditions, of which Jupiter embodies, are most favourable for growth.
Like Spring days themselves, the increase in warmth leads to increased activity, action and progress. Unlike a day that is too cold, where you want to hibernate, or a really hot day where you’re too lethargic to do anything, a warm Spring day encourages movement, exploration and activity. Jupiter also encourages these qualities.

It is this in-between extremes that promotes temperance. Jupiter symbolises moderation, justice, law, religion, growth, abundance, generosity and indulgence. As a planet embodying moisture, Jupiter binds, unifies and promotes cohesion. Like adding the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients when baking a cake, Jupiter can bring together concepts, people, resources or ideas and allow you to see possibilities that may have been previously unseen. The concept of moisture being a binding agent, also demonstrates that more can be achieved together than separately.

Unlike Saturn, a little bit of effort goes a long way with Jupiter. As the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter is 1300 times larger than Earth, he can deliver long term developments that don’t happen all the time. Jupiter is known as the bearer of fortune, luck and opportunity. Think back to a period in your life where opportunities landed in your lap, or you seemed to have the Midas touch- that would have been Jupiter at work.

As a slower moving planet, it takes Jupiter 12 years to travel through each of the 12 signs, therefore spending approximately 1 year in each sign and house. So this longer planetary cycle will bring up similar yet different themes each time he re-visits a house in your birth chart.

If Jupiter’s last visit to your 5th house was at 18 years of age, your main focus was most likely having fun, going out, enjoying romantic partnerships with a less committed attitude. However, with Jupiter returning to this area of your chart at age 30, other aspects of the 5th house, such as children, may be the dominating theme.
You might have Libra as your 8th house ruler, at age 30, you may be buying your first home and increasing your debt, but at age 42, you may be the benefactor of a legacy through the death of a parent.


The concepts symbolised by Libra are emphasised and activated by Jupiter’s presence in the sign for the next year. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Both Jupiter and Venus are considered to be ‘benefics.’ Bene as in Latin for good, means benevolent or beneficial. Our two benefics, the lesser benefic, Venus, and the greater benefic, Jupiter, are considered to bring experiences that are favourable or inherently good. These positive experiences may be helpfulness, patience, balance or ease. The quest for new experiences or adventure, a pay rise, some pampering or luxury, meeting the love of your life or the birth of a child are experiences that we all tend to associate with joy, good fortune or progress.
Jupiter’s transit through Libra brings a ‘double benefic’ flavour to the upcoming year.

As a Venus ruled sign, Libra seeks to unify. As a diurnal or day expression of Venus, (Taurus is the nocturnal Venus sign) Libra enjoys connecting at a cerebral level, intellectual and harmonious interactions are valued. Libra’s expression is a more ‘yang’ or outgoing and a social version of Venus. Of the air element, Libra belongs to the sanguine temperament, where, like Jupiter, is also hot and moist. It is in this classification they can work harmoniously together. A hot and moist planet in a hot and moist sign can easily promote growth, progress and prosperity.

The last 12 months saw Jupiter in Virgo, a cold and dry sign. Jupiter’s ability to see the big picture was limited by a sign who likes to focus on the details. This past year, you may have experienced ‘limited growth’ or ‘minimal wins.’

Together, Jupiter in Libra can support relationships. By working together, compromise combined with a bit of selfish ‘give and take,’ partnerships, either professional or romantic will receive cosmic support. Jupiter in Libra is traditionally a great indicator for marriage.

Jupiter in Libra is a highly social combination. A key for success in during the next year may lie in ‘getting out there.’ For some, this may be establishing an online dating profile, joining groups of like-minded people or catching up with friends more regularly. Professionally, self-promotion and increased PR and advertising will yield big results. Say ‘yes’ to socialising and networking opportunities.
One of Libra’s symbols is the lady of justice, the scales. Jupiter’s presence may also highlight where a relationship is out of balance or lacking equality. Jupiter in Libra will activate themes of truth and fairness. Sometimes, a sense of equilibrium can only be achieved once the relationship has come to an end.

Once Jupiter moves into Libra on the 9th, he will trigger a different house of your birth chart. It may take a couple of months to really ‘warm up,’ but this is where you can expect to see an increased ‘spring like’ feel.
As one of the slower moving or superior planets, Jupiter’s effects tend to last longer and manifest in a bigger way. Some houses in your birth chart will be triggered by Jupiter in a bigger or more substantial way than others. Not every year of life something significant or substantial occurs.
His slower moving pace shows longer term developments, where you can expect opportunity, projects or progress on a larger scale.

With a little effort, you’ll notice prosperity, progress and potential. You may be the recipient of some of the benevolence Jupiter offers, or you may find yourself giving increased kindness or support to others.

Throughout Jupiter’s visit in Libra, we look to Venus who is acting like the ‘transit manager.’ As she enters different signs, makes significant aspects and turns retrograde in March/April 2017, you will be able to notice the significance of the Jupiter in Libra cycle for you. I will update you on this as it happens!

Here is an overview of where you can expect Jupiter’s themes to dominate. If you know your rising or ascending sign, read that one!

Aries- 7th house: getting relationships back into balance. You may let some go, and bring in new ones.
Taurus- 6th house: bringing back a sense of joy and beauty in your everyday routine
Gemini- 5th house: Children, a general sense of fun and socialising
Cancer-4th house: your domestic scene, roots and family heritage
Leo: – 3rd house: Communication in all its forms, study and travel
Virgo-2nd house: Money and your material possessions
Libra-1st house: You, your body, attitudes and appearance
Scorpio- 12th house: Your private and inner world, things that are secretive or hidden
Sagittarius-11th house: Good luck, especially through friends and associates
Capricorn- 10th house: Your career, public life and reputation
Aquarius- 9th house: Study, travel, philosophy and faith
Pisces- 8th house: Money, joint finances and the two constants in life death and tax.

You may also enjoy reading your September horoscope, with more detailed information about Jupiter in Libra, pertaining to your sign.
If you would like to know more about how Jupiter in Libra will trigger your life events over the next 12 months, book a consultation!

“LIBRA” Artwork by Intuitive Artist, Michelle Smith

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