Jupiter and Venus – Hope and Healing

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for a month now but this week may give you the first indication of how this cycle plays out for you.

Since its entrance on October 10, he’s been in a condition known as ‘under the beams,’ a translation of the ancient Greek term ‘hupaugos.’ This is to suggest something hidden or secretive or internalised in some way.

Like we can’t see the stars by day due to the light of the Sun obscuring their twinkle, when a planet gets too close to the Sun, its ability to perform its actions effectively is reduced. While there are times where secrets or hiding something may be necessary, the Sun ‘dries’ or ‘burns’ the planet, giving being under the beams a negative connotation.

From Darkness to Light

Over the upcoming days, the Sun gets further away from Jupiter, allowing him to make his first appearance while in Scorpio. This can offer insight or meaning about what the next 12 months of Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for you. If you’d like to take a deeper tour about this, you might enjoy my Jupiter in Scorpio lecture.

As Jupiter comes into the light, he is said to be making an ‘appearance,’ known by the ancient Greeks as phasis. He does this alongside Venus.

This brings astrology’s two most benefic or fortunate planets side by side and visible in the pre-dawn sky.
Their conjunction takes place on Monday November 13 and offers the potential for goodness, joy, teamwork, support and general good fortune or happiness.

Jupiter emerging from the shadows and shining in his own right can light up a path for adventure, discovery, truth hope and optimism.

During this phase in the cycle, Jupiter will be a morning star. Like all mornings stars, they act in a way that is more bold, extroverted and independent. If you’re an early bird, you’ll witness this as his brilliance is unmissable in the sky before the Sun comes up.

Hurting or Healing?

Before I sat down to write this post, I was scrolling through my Facebook and a video from Brene Brown popped up on my feed.

In it, she talks about you are either hurting or healing, there is no neutrality. Over the last month, it’s possible that some emotional wounds from the past got triggered. Perhaps these were from events during the Saturn in Scorpio cycle from 2012- 2015 or from further back when Jupiter was last in Scorpio in 2005/2006.


During his morning star phase, Jupiter can promote boldness and courage around your hopes, wishes and visions for his time touring Scorpio, as well as deep and profound healing.

As Jupiter emerges into the light holding hands with Venus, there is cosmic support for healing and growth. Together, Jupiter and Venus want to do good things, as is their essential nature to do. Whatever your endeavours are, there is support on offer now.

One of the reasons Jupiter and Venus are considered to be so beneficial is due to them being warm and moist, two conditions essential for growth.

Jupiter and Venus both are representative of collaboration, teamwork and support. You might discover that honesty and truth become an essential part of your relationships now. The exchange of support and encouragement that promote growth will be essential now.

Yesterday, I caught up with a business associate for a coffee. We’ve worked together for the last 12 months on various projects but it was only yesterday we really connected in a more inspired and meaningful way that wasn’t all about work.

While the purpose of our meeting was business, through honest and open communication about our fears, our hurts and the future, we emerged from the coffee shop as friends. With Venus (friendships) as well as Jupiter (meaning and purpose) at play, we both feel supported to move forward with some big ideas and visions for the future.
Do you feel like you’re emerging from the light, prepared to take some big but meaningful risks to secure your dreams for 2018 and beyond?

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