June Solstice + Focus Forward

As I sit down with a cup of tea and some chocolate I picked up in the US, you may be glad to hear that some of 2019’s most intense astrology is now beginning to pass, at least for a short while.
The aspects that formed between June 12 – 19 may have brought a lingering issue to a head or perhaps you felt a build- up of pressure.
The last several days brought a peak of energy about what needs to be done, rather than what you prefer to do. Joy has paved way for work and no doubt, for many of you, it’s been relentless.

With such a heavy future focused energy with the South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, you might be pressured to meet a deadline or make a choice about the future. Mercury and Mars forming an opposition in Cancer, it may be a case of sacrificing what you want now for what you want most.

If you’ve felt delays, difficulties or that you’ve been pulled in opposing directions, as these planets separate from each other, you may begin to feel a sense of relief or release. Even if the situation you’re facing hasn’t resolved, the turning point of the Sun may help you see things from a fresh angle.

Tomorrow sees the Sun enter Cancer, heralding the Summer Solstice in the North and the Winter Solstice in the South. This break in the astro-weather symbolises a change in direction and focus.
The term Solstice means sol – Sun, stice – still. As the Sun stands still in the sky, take some time out over the next few days to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come since December 21, when the last Solstice occured.

Give yourself the recognition and credit you deserve for what you’ve accomplished. If you’re experiencing tense times under Capricorn’s heavy influence, then it might help you to tap into the Jupiter/Neptune influence. By focusing on the big picture, you can restore a sense of meaning and purpose for the reason you’re working as hard as you are.

For me, I touched down in Australia a couple of days ago after a month-long tour in the US. I gave two lectures at the NORWAC conference in Seattle in May, and last weekend I was hosted by the San Diego Astrological Society where I gave a lecture and a workshop! (downloads for these will be available on my website soon!)
Now, my focus in getting back into a routine and working on some big picture goals in the second half of 2019, which I look forward to revealing soon!

*Cancer plague image taken by me at Alkai Beach in Seattle, June 2019.

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