June Astrology Overview

June Astrology Overview

The astrology of June has a few key features that will ensure it will be one of the more memorable months of 2021. A Solar Eclipse, the second of three Saturn Uranus squares, plus Mars in Leo activating that square from June 11.

There’s potential this month for some major destabilisation to occur. With Mercury about to station retrograde under the effects of a lunar eclipse that just happened on May 26, I encourage you to give some thought to what changes you may need to make. It may include releasing the dogma you saw as truth.

Resistance – Pressure – Change – Innovation
– may be what breathes a breath of fresh air into your life – but it may not come easy!

Below is a brief outline of some of my top transits for June!

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Mars opposite Pluto – 26 Degrees Cancer Capricorn – June 5 – 6
This biennial opposition of Mars and Pluto may prompt you to ask a big question – who’s really in charge? Feelings of frustration may illuminate that you’ve been giving your power away. Happening within the eclipse portal, it’s possible you’re grappling with old dogmas you saw as truth. Putting yourself first, while knowing when to step back may help you negotiate a power balance.

Solar Eclipse in Gemini – 19 Degrees June 10
Careful consideration about which seeds you’d like to planet under this cycle is likely as Mercury, the eclipse ruler is retrograde. There may not be as much forward momentum as you’d prefer under this eclipse, creating a one-step-forward-two-steps-back influence. Review your situation, double check the details and make adjustments according to YOUR timeline.

Saturn square Uranus 13 Aquarius Taurus – June 14 – 15
The tension between the old and new may hit a tipping point as the second of three squares agitate the landscape. Since February, you may have been grappling with what to change and what to keep the same. If you’ve been avoiding change, it may now choose you. Conversely, if you’ve been changing everything, you may recognise where your new limit or boundary lies.

The Summer / Winter Solstice – Sun 00 Cancer – June 20 – 21
As the Sun makes its mid-year Cardinal turnaround, you too may discover you’re ready to shift certain directions in your life. Primarily the Solstice represents a time of stillness and reflection on the past 6 months as you set your sights for the next.

Jupiter trine Sun – 2 Cancer Pisces – June 23
You may feel blessed or lucky under this positive pairing between these two ‘sky kings.’ A sense of jubilation may encourage you to put your best foot forward. It’s possible you could bite of a little more than you can chew, but dreaming big will be well-worth the reward. Look to the two houses ruled by Cancer and Pisces to see where a little effort could take you a long way.

I hope this is a gentle eclipse season for you and that the change that arrives is the one you hope for most!

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