It’s Virgo Season!

The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Virgo today officially began Virgo season. Being a mutable sign, Virgo symbolises the in- between season period.

On the northern side of the globe, the days begin to grow noticeably shorter, whereas here Down Under, Spring is beginning to taint the air with warmer breezes and longer days.

People often ask me if the astrological significations of the signs are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. The answer is no. Sometimes though, they manifest in a different yet equally appropriate way. Although we’re not battening down the hatches in preparation for Winter here, one of the ways I see Virgo manifest on the south side is through one of her major themes of purification.

In the North, Virgo is the last sign before the Autumn Equinox which correlates to her association with the Harvest. Of her strength in critical analysis, we see Virgo scrutinise resources. Will there be enough to survive the Winter?
In the South, Virgo tends to show up a little more as a ‘reap what you sew’ type feel to it. I see this in the gym- although my own attendance has been dismal of late.
“Summer bodies are made in the Winter” is a catch cry of Virgo season.

As the season progresses, we begin to purify our bodies with less stodgy meals, replacing them with Summer salads. Under the influence of the Virgo Sun, we may begin to spring-clean our homes or tend to the garden in preparation for a garden bursting with blooms.

Being Mercury ruled, Virgo also carries an association with trades and tradespeople due to the acquisition of a special kind of knowledge. Virgo also rules the journey of apprentice to master as she is the sign of self-improvement. This may be the ideal time to re-organise things around the home. You may require the services of a local tradesman and tend to those projects beyond your personal DIY ability.

Being both a Mercurial and an earth sign, Virgo likes to be acknowledged and respected for their practical contributions and selfless devotion. A Virgo will be the first person to get in and help without even needing to be asked. Be sure to show your appreciation during their time in the Sun.

Over the upcoming month, you may notice themes of self-improvement and purification change the mood of your day. This may take the shape of more frequent exercise or a clean-up around the house- all very Virgo!


During the Sun’s time in Virgo, he will make the following planetary aspects.

Square Saturn and Opposite Neptune
September 2

The first leg of the Sun’s transit in Virgo will be the trickiest as he makes a T-square with Saturn and Neptune. Involving three of the four mutable signs, there is a desire to move forward but the terrain just isn’t quite right yet. Keep a flexible approach!

Sun conjunct the North Node
September 4

The 4th will see the Sun and the karmic North Node make their annual union. This 24-hour window may provide a glimpse into the future. The North Node of the Moon can be a positive influence that encourages any planet it connects with to harness its best expression. With the Sun, leadership, courage and a sense of identity will be promoted principles. The house in your own birth chart will highlight where you may now gain more from less.

Sun Trine Pluto
September 7

This supportive or flowing type of connection may assist you in regaining some control where you feel you may have lost a little power. With both planets in the earth element, de-cluttering or streamlining your work or living space may provide the transformation Pluto encourages. You may also be inspired to clean up your diet and improve upon your physical being.

Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury
September 13

This is known as the most powerful position a planet can be in. This is especially potent as Mercury is in both his sign of rulership and exaltation.
Whilst in the ‘heart of the sun’ Mercury is said to have power and influence at his disposal. This is an auspicious time to put forward a proposal, make a pitch or send an important message. Even though Mercury is retrograde and perhaps a tad less than his best, from personal experience I found the inferior conjunction to have extra special benefit. It’s almost as though he’s on the upswing and putting his best foot forward.

Sun Square Mars
September 14 and 15

This aspect between the warrior (Mars) and the King (the Sun) are both planets associated with fire and energy. In their own way, the both highlight the principles of our will and desires. Under a tension causing square aspect, there is adjustment and effort required. Where you are feeling friction, or getting hot under the collar about something, is like your cosmic call to action. Frustrations may lay in the data vs. the big picture stuff. Movement is paramount, but remain flexible and open minded as you go.

“VIRGO” Artwork by Intuitive Artist Michelle Smith

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