It’s Cancer Season – Winter Solstice and New Moon

This week sees 4 planets cuddle up in Cancer. This may bring some sweet relief after the intense energy of last week’s Sun/Saturn opposition.

Cancer is the Zodiac’s first water sign and is also cardinal, making this sign both emotional and dynamic, tender and tenacious.

As planets pile up in the crab’s sign, emotions direct the course of action and you may become increasingly aware that the needs of your heart require attention. Feelings may ebb and flow like the Moon. Cancer operates by its feelings. The current skies will encourage you to listen to them and take the required course of action.

June 19

Before Mercury dips into Cancer, the swift planet will oppose Saturn from the volatile and curious sign of Gemini. Mercury’s powers are strong in Gemini. The mind is fast and sharp. Combined with Saturn’s heavy hand, you can tick off any challenging mental tasks you’ve been avoiding. An assignment, a writing project or an important conversation can all be dealt with now.

June 21

The entry of the Sun into Cancer brings one of two annual turning points for the Sun, the Winter Solstice. The longest night here in the South, and the longest day for our Northern friends. For the next month, the Sun will tour the sign of fecund and sentimental Cancer, the sign of the past and the origin of all things.

After visiting chatty and information driven Gemini, Mercury dives into the waters of Cancer, where he’s known to be mute. Feelings are tricky to verbalise while in the crab’s domain and tend to be internalised.
Mercury’s entrance into Cancer occurs just after the Sun, placing Mercury at the heart of the Sun. This conjunction, known as Cazimi, gives Mercury a temporary window of power. From 8pm on the 21st- 6am on the 22nd may provide the perfect opportunity to voice what you’d normally be too shy to say.

During this time, Mercury is in line with Earth, but on the far side of the Sun, forming a superior conjunction. As Mercury is facing the never-ending chasms of space, your thoughts may centre on the future, especially those regarding home, family and security.

June 24
New Moon in Cancer

The Moon returns to the Sun for her monthly refuel. Strong her own sign, the Moon asks you to plant seeds and nurture your visions for the future. These visions can take shape personally or professionally. Like the Moon herself, you may need to return to the source in order to nurture and refuel. Time spent with family or with whatever nurtures and protects your soul will help you tend those seeds in the most powerful way.

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