Weekly Horoscopes July 27 - August 2

These horoscopes are published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

Remember the month of February, when the enthusiasm of a New Year and a new decade propelled you forward with excitement about your goals and dreams? It’s hard to believe February was just six short months ago.
This week, the subtle influence of Jupiter and Neptune aligning may remind you of February and the person you were then, the plans you had and the things you wanted to do in 2020 and beyond. While there are some very real limitations to what you can do right now, there are no limits to a dream that burns inside your heart. Faith combined with practical action taken now may lead you to new possibilities that show up in October.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


With Mars, your patron planet, in your own sign, the temptation to move toward something with all guns blazing is hard to resist. This week though, it may be in your best interest not to try and push past a personal limit or one set by something, or someone else. As you ease your foot off the gas, you might be able to see a situation with more clarity at best, or avoid some kind of frustration or delay, at worst. Any obstacles on your path now will be your blessings later, provided you slow down the pace.


The vision held of something in your mind is rarely how it turns out. Sometimes it’s better than you imagined, while other times it’s not. Either way, you’re left with the reality of the situation and it’s always your choice to see it as a disappointment or a blessing. This week, you may be faced with having to make a choice whether something is great or simply good enough.  The illusion in your mind may be lifting, but it will help you get closer to what it is you truly want.


Life has had a surreal quality for the last few months while Venus has spent an extra-long time in your sign. After a period of self-reflection and getting back to your core values and desires, you can now begin to push forward in a meaningful and inspired direction. Mercury, your patron planet is busy this week, suggesting that there may still be things to figure out, logistical matters to plan, or much-needed conversations to have. Push past any resistance from a friend or colleague as you move towards what matters to you most.


You’re not generally known to be particularly vocal about your emotions, unless provoked. This week, you might get fired up about something that will be too hard to keep quiet about. After a period of introspection and contemplation, you could be ready to announce a fresh direction at work, or an overall life-direction change. It’s likely there could be delays around making a move, but half the battle is deciding to do it. Hold the vision for what you really want, even if it takes a while longer to arrive.


With the radiance of the Sun firmly on you now, you might begin to turn some of your focus inward. The time around your birthday can often provoke reflections on the year past and projections about what you want for the next. Much of bringing your desires into reality is to believe that you already have all that you want. Sometimes the big question is deciding what that is. This week, your mind, action and faith have the chance to become aligned. Notice how your dreams and self-talk guide you.


Voicing your opinions or feelings will become super important this week as Mercury aligns with several other planets. You might be reminded that in your desire to be helpful, that sometimes you can be taken advantage of. If any frustration about a future goal pops up, it will be your responsibility to address it. Speaking your mind about the exchange you share with a friend, or a professional or personal partner can help bring a situation back into balance.


Much of this week’s planetary energy takes place in the western side of your solar horoscope, which may make things feel a little out of balance. Tension between relationship desires and a push to get new plans and projects into action could cause conflict or heated words. If you feel out of touch with the meaning and purpose of it all, it may help you to reflect on what you wanted back in May. It’s possible you’ve changed, or at the minimum, lost sight of what you wanted back then.


Your ability to withstand the pressure can be helpful in most circumstances. This week, you might begin to question whether you’re prepared to continue to endure a certain situation. A tricky, but necessary conversation will be worth having before you bite off more than you can chew. While your words may seemingly fall on deaf ears, holding the faith and keeping your eyes on the long-term goal can help you turn the situation around.


The topic of love and money may come up for you this week, as Mercury and Mars clash. A compromise or an adjustment may need to be made about how much a certain situation is worth. It may be about the cold hard cash, or it could be about how much energy and effort you’re willing to invest into something. Getting honest about what you really want now can save you further hassle down the track, either with yourself or someone else.


You might find the inspiration you need to hold true to your desires by someone special in your life. Heartfelt conversations with a friend, associate or partner may be just what you need to get a refreshed perspective or the support you need right now. As you begin to question the direction you might like to take your domestic life in, you may need to consider the need to slow things down. The longer you take to make a move now, the more likely you’ll make the right one.


Your creative life may help you remain inspired for the future. If you’ve been a little stuck in your head, then getting out and about as much as your current COVID situations allows may help. A hobby, a social outlet or remaining active is more important to you now than ever. Listening to a podcast while going for a walk can help you shift your perspective and invigorate your body, mind and spirit. If learning about a new topic has captured your interest, it will be worth your while exploring now.


You might be tempted to rush in with a financial decision as Mars continues to fire up your cash flow zone. This week, Mars reaches a point in the sky it will eventually return to in November. This could mean that money matters could get delayed until then, or, later in the year, you may find yourself in a better situation than you initially thought. A friend, colleague or a romantic situation may fire up your enthusiasm to splash a little extra cash on what brings you joy too!

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