Weekly Horoscopes September 21 - 27

These horoscopes are published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

This week marks the Equinox, where the Sun enters the cardinal sign of Libra. Latin for ‘equal night’ the Equinox heralds a period when the days and nights are relatively equal. Thus, symbolising the theme of balance. In pagan traditions, this harvest season is a time to celebrate the last of the Summer season and prepare for the cooler months ahead. In this state of equilibrium in nature, we are also encouraged, as the sign of Libra suggests, to find balance.
This isn’t to say that life has to be 50/50, but the scales may need to be rebalanced in some areas. Consider where your greatest source of stress and tension currently lies. Perhaps you’re investing too much of your time and energy there, or perhaps, not enough. A period of reflection can help you readjust. Either way, the Equinox invites you to celebrate what has been and prepare for what’s to come. As the light of the Sun will eventually begin to noticeably decline, this is a time to complete projects, clear out and let go of what you no longer need. As you lighten your load, physically or metaphorically, you’ll find space for increased reflection and peace.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


With your attention drawn inwards, the Sun’s shifting light can help you focus on the important the people in your life. You may find it helpful to place more of your attention and energy into a special partnership. The next four weeks may highlight tension between differing desires. If the world is pulling you in all directions now, solace can be had if you’re willing to see a problem shared is a problem halved.


Taking care of your body, mind and spirit will be highlighted this week, as the Sun enters Libra. In your 6th house of health and wellness, the Sun may spotlight any areas you need to place more focus on. Finding a sense of balance between taking care of yourself, while meeting your responsibilities and obligations may feel like a juggling act. Be sure to lean into the support of family, as they are willing to help if you ask for it.


The Sun’s annual passage through Libra signifies a period where you’re invited to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. The 5th house of joy, happiness and creativity may see you enjoy more time indulging in a hobby, personal passion or enjoying the company of friends. Romance and togetherness are highlighted too. Time with children, either yours or someone else’s, will remind you of means to have fun and enjoy the present moment.


Your domestic zone, known as the 4th house is highlighted by the annual passage of the Sun for the next month. During this time, you might enjoy more time, connection or togetherness with those you call family. With all four corners of your solar horoscope activated now, you may find a sense of solace and contentment by being around those who matter most. If you’re world has become imbalanced, lean on those you love for support.


As your sovereign star, the Sun, embarks upon its annual tour of Libra, you’re encouraged to discover the joys of your local neighborhood. Perhaps it’s that nearby coffee shop you’ve been meaning to go to, or a restaurant that everyone’s been talking about. With larger-scale travel off the cards for many right now, you may find that the peace and harmony you seek is much closer to you than you thought.


The next four weeks sees the light of the brilliant Sun activate your finances. By turning your attention to your cash flow and spending habits, you’ll find a sense of balance between what you earn and what you can save. Any points of tension can encourage you to see things from a new perspective. As your patron planet Mercury changes signs, it may be time to take a deep dive and analyse why you make the money choices that you do.


Happy Birthday Libra! With the Sun in your sign now, it may be time to rebalance the scales in your favor. If relationship tension has left you feeling bereft of personal sovereignty, you may need to put yourself first. Uncertainty about what you want can lead to confusion. Time out to assess your own desires can help you gain clarity and redraw the boundaries. It may not be easy for you to be so confrontational, but it will be worth it in the long-term.


Burning the candles at both ends is likely to be an ongoing theme as your ruler, Mars, continues to reverse in your hard work sector. As you come to realise the magnitude of what you need to accomplish, it may be wise to ask for help. With lucky charm Venus activating your career sector, your ability to attract assistance or resources will be easy, you just have to ask for it. Be sure to use your time wisely, and take regular breaks to support your personal energy.


Your ability to attract benevolence and fortune is one of the most envied out of all the Zodiac signs. This week, as the Sun lights up your lucky 11th sector you might notice the season shift in your life. Your friends, communities and networks may provide you with opportunities for support and connection. Being in the right place at the right time, combined with your ability to take a chance may be what sees your luck begin to change.


The Sun lights up your career sector this week, and for the next month, your professional life is spotlighted. With so much cosmic pressure pulling you in many directions now, you’ll need to conserve your energy and focus on your end goal. As your personal priorities begin to shift, you may need to make necessary adjustments to how much you can give to your work, personal life and most importantly, yourself.


The cosmic focus shifts this week and you’re encouraged to connect with what brings meaning and purpose to your life. Themes of study and travel are especially highlighted, but with the beast that is 2020, you may need to set your sights closer to home. If a topic has raised your curiosity, it may be worth exploring your options for additional study. With a little dedication, a personal interest could become a new vocation.


Taking action around your finances will be a large part of your cosmic story for the rest of 2020. This week, and for the next month, the Sun will spotlight your desires for longer-term financial stability. Your debts, savings and investments may become a theme, as well as the money you share with a partner in life or business. As you connect with your deepest desires, you may need to consider the ways you earn, spend, save and share money. Renegotiating the terms of agreement is possible.

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