Weekly Horoscopes for September 26 - October 2

These horoscopes are written for and published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

When life gets hectic, you can either double down and grind through, or you can pull the plug and opt out. This week the former is suggested, especially as it pertains to your relationships with others. To avoid confusion, take things slow and steady, which will be a challenge as it’s your penchant to act swiftly. Confidently and diligently work though any issues while keeping the end in sight. Later in the week, things will feel so much sweeter.


There’s a lot going on for you now. Juggling priorities when it comes to fun, children and pleasure versus the aspects of life that just have to happen – like it or not. Fortunately, there is help and / or new information coming your way that may help you figure out a problem, accept an out of the blue invitation or help you find a solution to a problem that has been plaguing you for some time.


The current Mercury retrograde cycle takes on a new flavor this week as Mercury has now dipped back into Virgo. Issues from mid – late August may be back on the table for you. This time around though, you have more support or a solution is in sight. Give some thought to how you’d like the next few months to pan out for you. Decisions made this week will likely have longer-than-usual implications or require more from you than you think.


This week, and over the next few weeks, you’re invited to make the most of your domestic life – in whatever way, shape or form that takes for you. Balancing between your outer – worldly ambitions as well as your family life is especially highlighted. While this week doesn’t have an especially dynamic energy for you, a lot is being set up in the background. Take your time making any choices with longer-term outcomes. Trust in your Spidey senses!


How are your finances looking? You get a second chance this week to reflect, revise and re-do any deals, negotiations or any arrangements regarding your personal money stuff. The solution you’ve been hoping for may arrive, which will bring you a lot of benefit. A shift in your habits, attitudes and perspective may also go a long way in attracting the cash, support or abundance you desire. A rough money patch doesn’t have to define anything about your future.


Expect a penny drop moment or two this week as Mercury retrogrades back into your sign. Any self-doubt, confusion or uncertainty may arrive. While you may not get to release the brake and go full steam ahead just yet, you’ll likely receive all the intel you need. Sometimes, the power of making a decision is as good as the outcome itself. Things are only looking up for you from here on out.


Venus, your patron planet moves into your sign this week. This will help smooth out any rough edges, confusion or mishaps from the past couple of weeks. Even if you made a mistake or two, you’ll be in a position to extend an olive branch or get the support you’ve been looking for. As I’ve said to you for a few weeks now, it’s totally OK to not compromise in every situation. Your about to find out how empowering that actually is.


This time of year is ideal for you to burrow down and turn your attention within. That said though, it is suggested you can make inroads with a friend where things may have gone a little haywire. Apologies, conversations and try – agains are highlighted. So if you’ve recently missed the opportunity to connect with someone you care about, it will be worth coming out of hiding to do that this week.


The cosmic spotlight is on all things social right now. While we are a little way off from the traditional silly season, your astrology suggests starting early! More time for friends, socializing or doing more of what you love and with whom, will bring you a true sense of joy. If you’re considering some new choices professionally, time out for fun will offer some fresh perspectives when it comes to your work and your big – picture life plans.


You’re probably feeling quite overstretched right now when it comes to your work, family and in addition to that, the problems you face just keep piling up. While your stoic attitude can be second to none, it can also be useful for you to realize you don’t have to do everything neither. This week, take some time out to prioritize what is truly important. Delegate or delete whatever else isn’t.


When I was in high school, our Principal always harped on about the idea of you only get out of life what you put into it. As a teenager, I often rolled my eyes as she spoke about that. Right now, you could be rolling your eyes to the opportunities that life is offering you now. Just because they are disguised as hard work, doesn’t mean there isn’t a silver lining to them.


Looking at your solar horoscope, your finances are looking pretty good right now. I do hope that is the case! If you’re considering a move, renovation or making some changes on the domestic front, be sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s when it comes to your negotiations. Taking the same attitude to your love life could also help the two of you draw closer together.

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