Weekly Horoscopes for September13 - 19

These horoscopes are written for and published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

This morning, as I sipped my morning coffee, enjoying the late Winter air, the warming nearly Spring Sun and the song of rainbow lorikeets here in Australia, I got thinking about 2021 so far.
Like a song, this year has felt quite similar to the song writing formula of verse chorus verse. And just like a song, verse lyrics are less easy to sing along with than the chorus. Anyone can sing along with a chorus, but if you really know the song, you’ll know the verses too. Over the next six weeks, you’ll get the opportunity learn the third verse and get ready for the final chorus. If you listen carefully, you might notice the beat syncopates and changes, indicating the shift in energy and mood.
Astrologically, the chorus won’t arrive until very late October, but you already know those lines. For now, the combination of Mars’ ingress into Libra suggests there is some uncomfortable action to take. So if you’ve just been humming along to the words, or following them along with everyone else, it might be time you rewind and listen to the verses of the song and pay attention to the lyrics. That is where the real story of the song lays.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


You already know that if you want to go faster, you’ll go alone. The cosmos wants to remind you though, that if you go together, you’ll go so much further than you could by yourself. This week, decide what is important not only to you, but those dear to you. This is likely to get your feathers ruffled, but if you can learn the art of using honey rather than vinegar, you’ll be glad you did.


When you finally get to the point of making a choice about something, you have an enormous capacity to follow through – sometimes to the point of not knowing when to give up. This week, your to-do list may feel ever-increasing as life continues to get busier and busier. If you’re already at a tipping point, or wondering how much more you can possibly do, remember that deleting or delegating some obligations or mundane tasks are always an option for you too.


Fun, joy and pleasure might look a lot different now than what it did a couple of years ago. That said, the cosmos is asking you to remember what it means for you. Rather than trying to figure it all out, just take action on it. If you want to spice up your social life, enjoy a hobby, outlet or personal pursuit, then go for it. Take a step towards your happiness. We all need more of it now!


As peppery Mars moves through your home and family sector, family dynamics may be up front and center for the next six weeks. This may inspire you to make small improvements or upgrades around your home. You might have to deal with family dramas and relationships with relatives. Regardless of how it plays out for you, decide on the kind of domestic life you want, then take action towards making it come true.


The Sun is your guiding star and this week, it will help inspire you to turn a dream into action. While it may seem like an oxymoron, sometimes the greatest action comes from doing absolutely nothing. Give yourself the time and space you need to imagine the possibilities. It’s not about how many hours you put in, rather, it’s what you put into the hours. A restorative break can lead to intense and meaningful outcomes.


A two-year money cycle is about to kick off. This means that you’re being cosmically invited to go all in when it comes to cash. Perhaps a renewed confidence may help you go after the income you really want. A pay raise or bonus is possible or, a sideline project may see growth. If you’re not where you want to be cash-flow wise, take decisive action and make moves to see that situation change.


Action-orientated Mars is about to burst into your sign for the first time in two years. This means that it’s time to put yourself first. Say “no” more often. Spend more time doing what you like, when you like. Set some goals that empower you and renew your confidence. Make different choices that support your health, fitness and wellness. Small steps like this done regularly can make some real progress that will have a global effect on all areas of your life.


Keeping a low profile or taking extra time out may be your best course of action over the next several weeks. Even if you’ve got a lot on your plate, scheduling regular breaks or time alone is recommended. Setting your own schedule or doing things at your own pace now, will help you conserve your energy for the time being – as it won’t stay this laid back for long. Mediation, yoga or eliminating distraction will help you stay focused and calm while productive.


They say that luck is when hard work meets opportunity. It’s quite possible that over the next six weeks that you may see some kind of pay off or reward for your recent efforts, especially professionally. Being at the right place at the right time may be a part of the equation. So making the effort to connect with friends, industry peers or form alliances will play a big part in supporting your future dreams, hopes and wishes.


Striking out in a new direction or stepping into a leadership role is possible as Mars makes its presence felt in your career sector for the first time in two years. Instilled with a renewed confidence and ready to take on a new challenge, you’ll be well-positioned to charge ahead with any new goals or opportunities. Decide what professional moves you’d like to see eventuate over the next couple of years and start taking action now.


Your plans for discovery and exploration sure took an unexpected turn over these past couple of years. Over the next six weeks, you may get the chance to reopen that area of your life, even though it may look different than it once did or even how you planned it. Another option is to discover new ways to open your mind, through education, philosophy and spirituality. The world can be your oyster without even leaving your home!


Relationships are always a unique and delicate balance. Most say things have to be 50/50, but I disagree. I think it’s 100/100. That way, there is more slack when things become unbalanced between you. Right now, you need to recalibrate how you do relationship – financially, emotionally, physically, energetically – everything! If you’ve been going along with the flow for too long and resentment is creeping in, you’ve got the opportunity to get things back into balance, in whichever way that works for you.

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