Weekly Horoscopes November 23 - 29

These horoscopes are published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

The astro-territory looks very different from what it did this time last week. It feels a bit like a prelude to the significant shifts taking place next month. That being said, the skies are very quiet, offering the opportunity to get ones’ ducks lined up.
In other words, with logistics and communication planet Mercury amidst most of the action, it may be wise to plan and strategize. Whether it’s a contingency plan you want to draw up, or, you’re looking to set goals for 2021, you’re invited to dream big. Even if the odds are seemingly stacked against you, remember to have faith in yourself. A sense of heaviness and restriction permeated the skies this year. If you feel stuck or stagnant in a certain situation, it might be time to consider how you can strike out in a new direction.
An optimistic attitude combined with a searing honesty about what you’re no longer available for may just offer the freedom you’ve been looking for. Even making the smallest much-needed changes in a relationship, friendship or the way you experience joy can help you make big leaps in a better direction. If you’re hesitant about change, remember that it’s usually better to bend than it is to break.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


This week will reveal the level of give and take you do or don’t have in a certain situation. It might be about money and your long-term financial outlook. It could also be about the energetic exchange you share with others, including the emotional and / or physical. Whichever it is, you need to get honest about what is and isn’t working. It’s only then, the information you need to move forward will appear.


You like to keep things calm, peaceful and serene. However, this level of simplicity can also prevent you from getting closer to the intimacy you crave. This week, ask yourself what you really want out of relationships. Whether it’s personal, professional or your interactions with others in general, if you feel your needs are not being met, then adopting a new approach will be much more beneficial than complaining about what you’re not getting.


It would serve you well to honor your deepest needs this week. It could mean taking responsibility for your workload and time management. Or, you might have to recognize you can’t do everything you committed yourself to. Your life is about to shift direction in sudden and exciting ways. For now, get on top of your to-do list so you can make room for an influx of new professional and personal opportunities.


You’ve learned a lot about yourself and other’s in your life over the last few years. This week, the cosmos invites you to consider what brings you a feeling of joy. You might discover what once made you smile doesn’t light you up like it used to. The challenge may be that you’re reluctant to try something new. If a spontaneous invite for some fun or romance comes your way, accept it!


Family and your domestic scene are heavily influenced by the cosmos this week. Making headway into improving your family relationships is possible by unleashing your fun side. If you’ve got stuck in a rut in maintaining a sense of routine and structure, maybe it’s time to try something new. They say that change is as good as a holiday. Considering travel isn’t a great option right now, change might be your best option.


They say that information is power. What if that information is incorrect? What if you’re simply regurgitating the wrong facts? In reality, the knowledge that comes from understanding a topic is what gives you power. This week, don’t take information you’re presented with as truth. You might need to ask more questions or do further investigating, especially if things don’t add up. A combination of logic and trusting your instinct will reveal what you’re looking for.


When it comes to making choices, you adopt the consensus model. While this may serve you well in certain situations, there are times when it doesn’t. If you feel the scales of justice have become imbalanced in your personal life, you may have to face an uncomfortable truth. Giving voice to what it is you want may be an option. If that falls on deaf ears, cutting yourself free from something that has held you back may give you the freedom you need.


You might begin to show the first signs of emerging from under the radar this week. As your time and energy begins to slowly improve, you might opt for trying something new, radical or different. Perhaps you’d like to switch up your personal style, or maybe you’ve decided a sense of authentic expression is what you need in a significant relationship. The shock value of your choices will be worth it.


Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Your physical energy may feel below par this week and you might scale down some of activities. That being said, the time to rest and rejuvenate will do wonders for your intuition. Rather than over-the-top celebrations this year, you’ll likely find greater joy with a select few. In a paradox to your own nature, what you say no to, will actually make room for more meaningful experiences. Choose where you invest your personal energy wisely now.


So much change is heading your way that you may not be able to fathom it right now. However, you should be able to sense the heaviness and intensity starting to wane. A friend, lover or associate may offer an exciting new opportunity this week. Whether it’s professional or personal in nature, if it seems a little radical or out-of-character to your conservative self, then that is exactly the offer to accept.


Some large-scale choices are needing to be made now. Chances are, this isn’t just about this week, or even next month. Much of what you’re facing now is a combination of past, present and future. Your challenge this week is to get brutally honest about what you want in terms of your career or overall life direction. Leave the past behind and accept new responsibilities that feel more in alignment to you.


Some changes are beginning to simmer within your career and life direction. You might be opting for quality rather than quantity when it comes to considering your professional path. It might be important to remember you don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that falls in your lap. In fact, what you say no to right now is likely to make room for something that provides you with the sense of meaning and purpose you need.

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