Weekly Horoscopes for February 22 - 28

These horoscopes are published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

The final week of February brings with it a feeling of needing to get things done. The stuck and stagnant energy of recent weeks begins to shift and change. It’s all well and good to conceptualize ideas, make plans or let ideas marinate, but eventually, action is required. This week brings a down to Earth energy with it which may assist you in making a move and simply getting things done. You might like to consider one of your most important goals and focus your energy on that. Even if it takes a while to gain momentum, avoid allowing a slow start dissuade you from moving forward to something that really matters.
A Full Moon on the weekend might remind you of the importance of attending to the details. Organizing, cleaning or formulating a plan will promote clarity and focus. It may also be an ideal time to tidy up your diet and start making healthier choices. As the astrological weather patterns begin to change, you may need to become more adaptable with it. Use this insight to your advantage by not putting off to another time what you can get done now.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


More than anyone, you know what it means to ‘decide and do.’ This week, you may discover that your recent lackluster vibe begins to shift. This might mean you need to make a decision, one way or another. Narrowing down your focus and committing to something now may help. Soon, you may be offered too many choices, spreading yourself thin. The time to commit is now, so when new options arrive, you’ll know what to accept and what to decline.


You may finally be ready to take on a monumental undertaking or fully commit to something you’ve been mulling over. If someone asks you this week, “so, is this the hill you’re going to die on?” that will be like waiving a red flag to a bull. In other words, dig your heels in and dedicate yourself to something, even if others doubt your choices. At the end of the day, it’s you that has to live with your decisions – so whose business is it anyway?


A turn in your fortune is possible this week. A plan or project that has felt like it’s been in the pipeline over recent weeks may finally begin to gain traction. In fact, you may discover that any delays have actually worked out in your favor. As the light at the end of the tunnel arrives, this is your week to get yourself organized. Eliminate distractions and focus on the task that matters. Prior preparation will prevent poor performance.


Issues involving delays around money – especially the financial entanglements you share (or shared) with someone else may finally get back on track. Let’s face it, no one likes details going awry when it comes to cash. That being said, recent delays may work in your favor. Good fortune or good luck may be headed your way. Clear communication and clarity around your thoughts and ideas may help you move forward, especially if the relationship dynamics have changed because of recent mishaps.


Challenging times might be bestowed upon you once again. This isn’t to say that everything is going to be super difficult. It’s more that the additional sweetness or support you’ve been able to rely on in recent weeks will begin to fade. Without this buffer, old patterns or ways of being in a particular relationship may return. This week, decide what is really worth committing your energy to. Not every battle is worth having. Know when to dig deep and when to cut loose.


You may start to notice life begins to return to regular programming. You may also notice that you gain a little more support or affection from someone close to you. For now, take the time to appreciate the small niceties that come your way. Looking optimistically at other people’s intentions rather than fault-finding has a way of them magically increasing. Also, don’t allow your sense of duty or obligation deny you from sprinkling a little sugar on your life.


You do your best to find a place of compromise, even when you’re well within your rights to stand your ground. This week, you may actually need to decide which hill you’re going to die on – so to speak. While you’re used to being the thermometer in most situations, regarding a family or financial issue, you need to become the thermostat. Let other people make the necessary adjustments in accord with your desires for a change.


In Australia – where I’m from – we have a phrase, “there’s no flies on them.” I’m not sure if it’s said in the USA or not, but it references the idea of someone being astute, sharp or hard to fool. As a Scorpio, this Aussie saying rings true for you. This week, you’ll need to take the no flies on you approach in a family or relationship matter. It’s about being honest and direct, especially if things feel a bit off.


You’ve been under a reasonable amount of pressure so far this year. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. That cosmic weather is shifting. This week, you’ll get a feeling of sweet relief. You might like to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor by spending time with family or jazzing up your home. A few trinkets of joy, happiness and pleasure will go a long way to help remind you of what working hard is really all about.


How do you expect to get what you want unless you vocalize it? A dynamic planetary angle is energizing your happiness, joy and romantic life and it’s time to get honest about what it is you desire. Maybe you want more of something. Maybe you want less. Whatever it is, you’d be surprised now by how smooth and free-flowing your words will be. What felt too hard to communicate recently will be easier now if it comes straight from your heart.


The light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived. Whatever has been in some kind of holding pattern recently is now showing signs of progress. An opportunity that seemingly slipped from your grasp may now re-emerge. The good news is, that it may be even better than what the original plan was. A Full Moon illuminating your finances may help you see a way out of a problem and toward a solution. Getting organized with money is highlighted.


It’s your birthday season! A birthday is like your very own personal New Year. Now coupled with Venus in your sign, it’s time to indulge in a few trinkets and niceties. Perhaps there are a few habits or attitudes you’d like to improve on, or maybe it’s time to update your style. Whatever it is, a Full Moon in your relationship zone may highlight that the changes you’re considering making may be best made together. Discuss any plans or ideas that were recently tabled. They have a cosmic green light now.

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