Weekly Horoscopes for February 6 - 12

These horoscopes are written for and published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

History is written by the victors, that we know. What is it about your professional life or your major life direction that doesn’t feel steered by your own desires? In other words, how have you let your mind be controlled by what you’ve been told you should do rather than what you want to do? If there is some talk about you behind your back this week, let that guide you in the right direction.


Your life philosophy has been under review for the past two months. This has helped bookend a cycle that began in 2008. Who were you back then versus who you are now? No doubt that has changed powerfully and profoundly. It’s now time to be true to yourself and what you believe in. If you want to live differently or do something you’ve never done, this week may give you the mental fortitude to make a move.


Every single one of us has a proverbial dragon to slay in our life. For you, it’s been about your fears and phobias – real or perceived. As your guiding star tangles with one of the most powerful planets this week, you’ll be ready to tell yourself a new story. As you separate from an old narrative, debts or emotional entanglements you’ll be ready to take charge and reclaim your direction. The energy you’ve been lacking will soon return.


Relationships are some of the trickiest territories you’ll ever traverse. For as many highs you’ll have, you’ll have just as many lows, and those are what really pull your heartstrings. The trouble is, we trip ourselves up by what we think love should be, rather than what it actually is. This week, you’ll get the chance to re-write this story and choosing your own ending. What love really means for you is your choice to make.


“No one puts Baby in a corner.” That line from Dirty Dancing is probably how you’ve been feeling for too long now. A lot of hard work and toil for little reward or recognition. That simply doesn’t fly with you! So my question is, why are you putting up with it? This week will bring some tough choices and powerful new beginnings as you slowly rediscover and reclaim your own light and vitality once again.


Joy and Happiness have been undergoing a process of review of late. What you once wanted in love, romance, children and your creative life may not be what it once was and it’s taken some time to process that. Changing your mind isn’t a bad thing, it shows you have the capacity to adjust when new information is presented to you – and that’s true intelligence. Now is the time to acknowledge you now know something you didn’t before.


The question of legacy may become an increasingly hot topic this week. What has come before you and what you leave behind may hold more power over you than normal. This may have something to do with real estate, family estates, your history and heritage or even in respect to your current domestic situation. What has been will likely come to its natural conclusion. Treasure, in one form or another may be discovered or left behind.


In such a digital / globally focused world, it can be easy to lose sight of what is right under your nose. The magic, mystery and wonder of your local environment can be missed if you’re only seeing life through a smartphone. Put the device down and this week, make an effort to walk in nature, visit a library or read an actual book in a park or café. If you’re lacking a sense of meaning, change your daily rituals.


You’ve been wondering about abundance for a while now – what true wealth actually means. For too long in our culture it’s been reduced to money. Not to say that a robust bank balance doesn’t help, but it certainly isn’t the entire picture. If you’ve been lured into thinking that that is all that there is to life and are feeling empty on the inside, rewrite that story this week! True wealth is so much more than just money.


This will be a very powerful and profound week for you as long and short cycles are in the process of ending. At one level you may feel relief, a weight off your shoulders. On another, it could be a major “what now” feeling too. Take some time to reflect and think about what you’ve been through. Avoid the temptation to think things are what they are and continue doing what you’ve got used to, because you had to.


If you haven’t already, set a limit or boundary with someone else or within yourself. Or at the least, start thinking about ways you can implement them. It’s not about building emotional walls and being stubborn, it’s important you try to avoid doing that. Instead, think very deeply about what you are available for and what you’re not. Negotiation and healthy compromise is the way forward once you’ve drawn that distinction in your heart.


A reason, season or lifetime may be the way to approach what’s weighing heavy on your mind this week. This may pertain to a friend, social circle or a community within your personal or professional spheres. No doubt there will be some people that won’t survive this process. While sad, it’s necessary. Keep in mind those that do, the connections you share will only grow deeper and will become a part of your own history.

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