Weekly Horoscopes October 19-25

These horoscopes are published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

What’s fair in love and war is likely to be highlighted this week. As planet of love, Venus, makes a series of alignments to other planets, you might begin to question just how far you’re willing to go in order to find equilibrium.
A sense of helplessness, powerlessness or lack of hope can feel overwhelming and confusing. If you think about it deeply enough, there are gifts to be had, even in the most barren of landscapes. When you can get fed up enough, is when you’re willing to explore another perspective or point of view. It’s from the position of being in a rock and hard place you can make right-for-you-choices and are more willing to invite change.
There some joy, elevation and support that can be gleaned from the willingness to change your mind. It may come in the form of a breakthrough, a surprising or sudden piece of news, or simply that you’ve got no other choice. If you feel like you’re going over old territory, it’s probably because you are. If in doubt, go deeper. Explore the hidden depths, what lies beneath. The solution can be found in the exact place you’re reluctant to look, and that’s within you.

If you know your ascending sign (rising sign) then read that one first!


How hard are you willing to work for something you want? This may be a question that you’ll continue to negotiate this week. New opportunities that can lead to a breakthrough may arise, but you’ll need to be willing to see them. It’s likely you’re tired, run down or simply fed up. If that’s the case, you’ll need to adopt a new perspective in order to attract the changes you desire. Rather than run head first into something shiny and new, consider negotiating the terms first.


There are times where your solid approach serves you well. There are other times where learning where to bend can save you from breaking. As new opportunities come your way this week, don’t reject them just because they don’t look like how you imagined. There is scope to negotiate the terms, provided you’re willing to compromise in a key relationship. Your challenge is to get involved with the process, especially if you have a vested interest in the outcome.


You might be revisiting territory that you first discovered earlier this month. Now that the dust has likely settled regarding a shock, surprise or a sudden piece of news, you can now see things from a fresh perspective. New insights are available to you in regards to your health, how you spend your time and your day-to-day routines. A large-scale project may be laborious now, but will work to your advantage down the track.


Fresh from last week’s New Moon, you may have new ideas, insights or intentions about your home, family and general domestic life. If you’re feeling challenged or overwhelmed by a certain situation in your life, you don’t have to take things as face value. As the Moon grows in light, you’re encouraged to take action about what’s not working, or what you’re not happy about. The change you’re looking for is available to you if you’re willing to take steps in a new direction rather than renumerating on the past.


Your guiding star, the Sun, spends the next 4 weeks illuminating your sphere of home, family and your domestic life. By radiating your light into this part of your life, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore your family relationships. By taking the extra time to engage in deep and meaningful conversations, you’ll learn more about those you love and/or share you living space with. New insights may reveal deeper connections, helping you establish more authentic relationships with those you call family.


Despite your best attempts, your helpful approach may not always be well-received. You can only do the best you can. This week, you’ll likely discover that it’s not about you helping others, but giving them the chance to help themselves. While it may seem counter-intuitive to your penchant for problem solving, it will actually be of benefit to all of your relationships. Sometimes, saying ‘no’ is the most healing and liberating thing you can do.


If you play your cards right, you might be in a position to negotiate the terms of contract this week. It may be about your money, a significant purchase or some kind of agreement with somebody else. Regardless of what the situation is, the key to your success is by getting honest about what it is you deeply want first. Deciphering what’s worthy of a consensus approach and simply going for your hearts desire will be worth your time meditating on.


Happy Birthday Scorpio! As the Sun enters your sign this week, light may be shed around a perplexing problem. You’re undergoing a process of getting to know yourself better, thanks to Mercury retrograde. You may get closer to knowing what you really want, or at least, feel like you’re coming to the place where you can make an important decision. As usual, keeping your cards close to your chest is your best bet for now, as there is more contemplation or research to be done.


The extra effort you’ve been making in the workplace may get noticed this week. Whether you’ve extended yourself to support your peers or doing your best to be seen in your best light, it’s likely to pay off. As helpful Venus connects to Jupiter, your special star, you might be the lucky recipient of a pay rise or bonus. If you’re looking for a new role, having friends in the right places may help you to where you want to go professionally.


Making agreements that support everyone is now highlighted. Before you’re able to get to that point, you may need to get honest about what you want first. While there are times to be agreeable, there are also times where you need to put your cards on the table. The strange paradox here, is that the more vulnerable you’re willing to be, the more joy you’re likely to receive out of whatever deals, contracts or arrangements that are currently in the pipeline.


You may gain some fresh clarity or perspective around a work issue this week. While Mercury is currently back-tracking in your professional sector, researching your options regarding a new role, contract or arrangement is possible. By being able to see the situation from all angles, you may be able to experience a breakthrough or new opportunity you never thought possible. With Venus onside, it may be helpful to remember you have more power in negotiating the terms or agreements than you might think.


There is plenty of cosmic support on offer this week in the form of friendships and as well as your more intimate relationships. With some of this year’s more challenging alignments forming in your sector of friendship, hopes and dreams, it may be helpful to connect with those who’ve always been in your corner. Conversations with those who lift your spirits may help you see the meaning and purpose behind any challenges or difficulties you’re currently facing.

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