Weekly Horoscopes for January 30 - February 5

These horoscopes are written for and published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

Your social and creative life is under the spotlight this week. If you feel hemmed in by certain friends, social circles or networks, you may need to begin reshaping that paradigm by turning your attention to your own creative efforts. If you feel less than yourself when with certain other people, don’t expect them to remain in your sphere for too long. Rejection is protection – and you’ll get a good dose of what that means soon enough.


The reality of life is we all have to do what we have to do to keep the lights on – so to speak. The problem with that is when the energy you spend keeping the lights on detracts from a path that satisfies the soul or quells your hunger for knowledge. This week you may have to make some compromise here. Just don’t cut your nose of despite your face due to expectations or obligation.


Life may take on an “anywhere but here” vibe for you right now. You’re likely fully aware of the expectations or the work load that lies ahead of you. That may be even more of a reason to dive into a spiritual path or discovery of knowledge. While it may seem like you’re procrastinating on what needs to be done, think of it as adding a log to your fire that will keep your sense of meaning and purpose alive.


This Full Moon illuminates your Money Zone. Thus, you may have to make some choices regarding how you earn, spend and save. Compromises may be required between what you want and what your responsibilities are regarding other people. Lucky opportunities in your professional life may be boosting things for you financially too, putting you in an ideal situation to realign your financial perspectives. Whatever you decide, aim at your long – term goals.


It’s all about you this week as the Full Moon lights up your sign. As it does, you might like to reflect on the challenges of the last couple of years and what you’ve learned and what you might like to keep in your rear view mirror. As you reawaken the fire within, you’ll be reminded of what you’re available for and what you’re not, as a new chapter of challenges and renewal begins.


For a while now, you’ve been experimenting with your creative and social life. Perhaps you’ve pushed the boundaries a little bit in the dating, mating and relating arena. Maybe you’ve had to stretch beyond a comfort zone regarding children. It could be your professional path in question. Whatever you’ve been dealing with, a solution is likely to arrive this week. Thinking outside the box at every opportunity now will encourage you to find new solutions to existing issues.


You tend to be the most socially – orientated of all the signs. In the recent past, when it comes your social life, you’ve opted for quality over quantity. Finding those who are aligned in spirit, ideals and goals has been your top priority. This week, the Full Moon will bring a turning point in your social life which you may have to revisit mid – year. Your challenge is to remain sovereign among the crowd.


In your ideal life scenario, what would you like it to look like? How much time and effort exactly would you put in to your professional life versus your family and / or private life? These are questions that require exploration this week as the Full Moon lights up your Career Zone. You may need to straddle a fine line between being seen and doing the hard yards that actually yield the results you want.


Now that there appears to be minimal barriers to travel, are you making the most of being on the move again? Even if passports and airports aren’t your thing, exploring what your life philosophy looks like is something that might be under focus this week. In other words, are you actually living or are you existing from day – to – day? If you’re not focused on some kind of spiritual pathway, seek to embark upon one.


The last few years may have seen you dedicate yourself with diligence to a financial goal or developing your confidence – or both! This week sees a Full Moon light up your Money Zones and you may realize you’re in a better position than you thought! If not, you may become acutely aware of what you need to do to turn that situation around. Hint; the more you know, the further you’ll go!


Relationships and personal development have been key areas for growth and discovery for you in recent years. Learning to change your mind isn’t always your strong suit. This week, a Full Moon will illuminate your Relationship Zone, encouraging you to open your heart and see things for what they could be, rather than what they should be. This can be a really happy time for you, if you decide to let it be!


You might opt to escape from reality a little bit this week, if at all possible. Even if it’s just mediation, more sleep or taking more opportunities to relax, it will be worth it. Soon, you’ll have to take life a little more seriously and these chances to go against the frantic pace of life for a while may become increasingly rare. The insights you gain this week will help you find your focus.

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