Weekly Horoscopes for June 5 - 11

These horoscopes are written for and published by The Mountain Times, Vermont USA

The sky may seem a little heavy this week, but for you, this could actually be a good thing. If life is feeling heavy, then take that as your cue to have some more fun. In fact, the topic of fun, joy and happiness is heavily featured now in and the next few months. Love and romance are too! So, if you need permission to sprinkle a little sugar on your life now, consider it granted! Say yes to joy!


What you really want out of your home and professional life will come into focus this week. In fact, your family life is going to be a part of the picture for a while. So, start getting honest with yourself about what you’re really happy with and what you’re not. You can always choose to bury your head in the sand, but that certainly won’t be in your best interest. Facing things is the only way things change.


Just because you’re under a fair bit of pressure professionally doesn’t mean you have to throw the baby out with the bath water. Your day-to-day life and your routines and rituals still have to hold meaning and purpose too. Finding some joy in the little things is paramount to giving life meaning. After all, it’s the sum of all the little things that really makes up your life. Do more of what refuels your soul.


Your cash is going to be under the cosmic spotlight for some time. What you share with others will be too. While money is the obvious issue, there may also be an underlining sense of what you value shifting and changing – especially the value you put on yourself. If you’ve sold yourself short financially, emotionally or both, then it’s time to admit it and turn things around. What began eight years ago may be a part of the picture.


You truly are entering an all about you phase! This doesn’t have to be what you think it means, but at a deep level, you’re changing and this might mean updating or upgrading yourself, your style and your attitude. This is about taking your power back, especially if someone or something has taken it away, quite possibly in a professional setting. If you’ve put up and shut up for too long, then consider your options.


Most of this week’s action happens in the corner of your horoscope. That said, this can still be a time where you face your fears when it comes to being the worker, or the reliable one to get the job done. Mercury, your patron planet moves into your Career Zone. This brief visit can help you line up opportunities that may take several months before they come into fruition. For now, it’s about the power of deciding.


It’s within your social circles, groups and communities where you really shine. However, you may realize that things are changing as your planet, Venus visits for an extended period. Reassessing some of your social connections is likely as you revaluate what the true meaning of friendship means to you. Chapters that opened eight years ago begin to draw to a close as new ones open. This week, be mindful of power dynamics as things may not be what they seem.


It’s your time to shine in a professional or major life direction situation. Sweet Venus, joins your patron planet, Mars, which suggests an air of collaboration or support for you. For some Scorpio’s this may be welcomed, while for others, suspicion will be difficult to completely avoid. No matter what happens, vulnerability or feeling exposed is unavoidable. Sometimes you have to put at risk something you value to know whether someone is trustworthy or not. There’s no easy way out.


What are your goals and dreams for the future? Chances are, those items on your bucket list are going to be a cause for reflection and revaluation. Maybe the must – see destinations don’t hold the same value they once did. Perhaps you’re changing spiritually too. Whatever is happening, embrace it, change it and embrace it again. It’s ok do not want what you once did. As you reconnect with your desires, things will fall into place.


It’s probably clear to you that you’re not who you used to be. You’re in a lengthy process of profound change. While it’s not sunshine and roses all the time, it is in your best interest. As you change, so do the people around you. You may even start to question what you see in some people and wonder if you still want what you once did. This may be scary to be sure, but to avoid not asking yourself this question is even scarier.


Exciting progress is possible on the domestic front this week. Solutions to problems. Breakthroughs and new ideas may bring welcome progress. It’s one thing to have things moving in the right direction, but it’s quite another to have it be a lucky break too! A Full Moon in your luck zone may bring you the right opportunity at just the right time. Just because it may not arrive in the shape or form you thought it would, doesn’t mean it’s not a chance worth exploring.


You’ve got the chance to do a massive life update and overhaul. Your time and how you spend it. Your body and how you value it. What you do and how it’s valued by others – emotionally and financially – are all on the table. Heavy stuff, that’s for sure, but necessary nonetheless. The more you make choices that are right for you, the more everything will be right. Clear is kind, and kind to yourself is what you have to be.

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