Have you got a question? Horary can help you! No birth chart is required for this branch of astrology that was popular in the middle ages. It’s a quick snapshot of the sky at the time of your question. Just as the arrangement of planets can signify the outcome of a person’s life, horary can signify the outcome of a question. These are some examples of the type of questions that can be asked with Horary.

The best questions to ask are those that derive a simple yes or no answer;

  • Will I leave my relationship?
  • Will I get fired?
  • Where are my documents?
  • Will I buy this house?
  • Will my get my dog back?


Horary works best with those burning-desire-type-questions where you need an answer fast! Questions that start with ‘should I’ have a value judgement connotation to them, like asking for an opinion rather than an answer.

The question must be pertinent to you! Asking a question on behalf of someone else is often less effective.

Horary works best when you just need to know, regardless of what that answer might be. If you feel ambivalent about your question, chances are other form of astrology may be better suited to you at this time.

This consultation is done via email. After receiving your payment and question, further correspondence may be required to gain further clarification about your question. 

Horary questions are answered generally within 3 days. If more time is required, I will be in touch with you.
All horary questions are answered via email.



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