Happy Solstice

Mercury Retrograde Shadow

On Monday, Mercury made his way to 15 degrees Capricorn, the same degree he will station and turn direct again next month.
This means we have entered the Mercury Retrograde shadow period. Not yet in the midst of the extent of trickster Mercury chaos, you’ll definitely be feeling the themes of Mercury’s holiday next month!

Mercury begins his official retrograde on January 4 so do plan for some holiday hiccups, general delays and snafus. Check and double check the details.

I will do an extended Mercury Rx post as the time gets closer, but consider this your cosmic heads up. Re-thinking, re-doing and re-focusing on the Earthly elements- the tangible, practical and financial will be highlighted throughout 2016!

Happy Solstice!

In just a couple of short hours (2:48pm Brisbane time) the Sun will enter the sign of Capricorn and herald the Summer Solstice for us on the Southern side of the globe.
The Sun has now reached his highest point of ascension where he pauses, turns and begins his journey towards the Winter Solstice.
Whether you are celebrating the Winter, where the days will now begin to grow longer or you are basking in Summer glory, where the days slowly begin to shorten, the Solstice is a time to celebrate.

The Solstice is an ancient tradition and an important solar celebration as it mark the Sun’s turning points, both the low point and the high. They also represent boundaries and turning points in life direction.
Not only is the Solstice a celebration of light, but the absence of darkness. Celebrating light, is also celebrating growth, abundance and joy. The light of the Sun paves the way and acts as a guide leading us to our truest and highest potential as well as paving our life direction.

Regardless if you are celebrating the Summer or the Winter, the Solstice is a time to stop, pause and reflect on the last 6 months and set intentions for the next. You may be inspired to action by the heat and light of the Summer Sun or resting and planning under the darker days.

Full Moon in Cancer

Another celestial body celebrating light this week is the Moon, in her home sign of Cancer, in time for Christmas Day.
The Moon is at her most sensitive and emotive in Cancer. Cancer thrives on traditions to do with home, family and the past.
This lunation asks us to bring balance to our outer worldly pursuits (Sun in Capricorn) and our emotional inner world and home life (Moon in Cancer).
Cancer reminds us that there are fewer greater pleasures in life than home and family, where she basks tending to the needs of those she loves.

Emotions have the potential to be super sensitive this Christmas with the Full Moon being so close to the Solstice. Erratic Uranus turns direct after five months of retrograde, adding a dose of electricity to this watery Full Moon vibe. Surprising revelations, hot tempers and sensitive emotions may make for an unexpected day for some!

Full Moon 4 Degrees Cancer

Brisbane – 9:12pm
New York – 6:12am
London – 11:12am

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