Happy Equinox and Astro New Year!

This post is adapted from what I wrote about the Sun’s ingress into Aries last year.

Monday brings the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the beginning of the astrological New Year with the ingress of the Sun in Aries.
After a month long sojourn in the murky depths of the ocean, the Sun will rise, jubilant in the fire and glory in its sign of exaltation. Signalling the beginning of the tropical zodiac, the Sun in Aries offers a fresh start if the promises or resolutions of the New Year flagged or failed.
The discombobulation or sensation of treading water, or even drowning, will begin to subside as the excess of water begins to recess. The elemental shift from water to fire is poignant for the return of energy, movement and motivation to initiate. The party is over for Pisces as the Sun enters Aries at 8:29pm (Brisbane time).
Being a cardinal sign, Aries, along side his cardinal cousins represent the four turning points of the Sun. The equinox welcomes a new astrological year and the chance to begin afresh. On the Southern side of the globe, we welcome the Autumn the days slowly growing shorter while our Northern friends welcome the Suns’ increasing light, leading into Summer.

The Aries ingress chart will set the tone for the year ahead. Key chart factors to consider is the placement of Mars as well as the Moon- phase, aspect and sign.

Mars, the ingress ruler is newly into the sign of slooooow and steady Taurus. Quite the shift from super fast Aries. In Taurus, Mars is in deteriment. Not that this is bad per se, but he’s not comfortable or at home. So Mars can’t be his usual self- super fast, action-orientated and impulsive.
Taurus is built for comfort, not for speed. Together, solid progress can be made, but it will be through consistent action with a look before you leap approach. Mars in Taurus won’t budge under shifting sands but will show tenacity, durability and reliability, only when there is a guaranteed outcome.
Over the next 12 months, you’ll be prepared to work hard but only for what seems like a sure bet. Taurus is an Earth sign, so money and security will be prime motivators.

Venus, Taurus’ patron planet is in Aries and retrograde. So she too is in detriment as she is in Mars’ home. I wrote a bit about this mutual reception here. Venus will be retrograde until April 14. During this period, re-assessing your worth, what you value and all things to do with money are highlighted. Are you giving too much of your time, energy or expertise to the wrong people? Venus Rx will help you work out your worth, Mars in Taurus will help your determination to get it.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, making an in-sign trine to the Sun. The Moon is also in exact conjunction with Saturn, kind of taking the wind out of Sadge’s sails. There are a number of ways this aspect may manifest but one that stands out to me is a sense of duty or obligation trumping feelings. As Saturn winds up his transit in Sagittarius this year, this conjunction highlights the need to tie up the loose ends surrounding the area of life governed by the archer.

The Lunar Phase is disseminating. To disseminate is to spread widely or to give out, like a tree dropping its fruit. This phase is often associated with charities, associations or the community. Saturn’s conjunction with the Moon further emphasises the sense of duty to share or give back.
Bucking traditions and going your own way is also a hallmark of this phase. Learning to appreciate the here and now, being present in the moment is a part of this waning Moon, which perfectly ties in with the ingress ruler Mars’ in smell the roses Taurus.

How do you wish to be in the here and the now in the upcoming months?

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