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What is The Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle (GC) is my astrology membership offering. I was inspired to provide a service to help astrology students, enthusiasts and even those already in practice to improve their relationship with the planets and their experience with astrology.

The Golden Circle is the place to take your astrological knowledge and practice to the next level with monthly videos, in – depth conversations and more.

Utilising my 20 years of experience, I felt called to support astrology students, enthusiasts and even those in practice already to elevate their relationship with the planets and their experience with astrology.

Through this membership, I aim to offer you my best cosmic insight, arm you with the information you need to make aligned and inspired choices and help you live your best and most magical life.

How can the GC help me?

Are you looking to become more skilled at planning your life by the stars?
The Golden Circle provides access to resources that guide you through planetary aspects, lunations and other highlights as they happen.

You’ll learn which astrological features promise potential and suggest pitfalls.

As you’re guided through the sky, you’ll be able to better plan and prepare for the month ahead. You’ll get and a sense of how the moving sky might feel and how best to work with its energies.

Predictions and forecasts are often included.

If you’re an astrology enthusiast or a student, a Golden Circle membership will help supplement and supercharge your studies.
If you’re an intermediate to an advanced astrology student or already seeing clients, then why not take advantage of my 20 years in practice and enhance your interpretations through the monthly material?

Even if you’re completely inexperienced but simply love astrology, The Golden Circle is the ideal place to learn how the moving sky may influence you each month!

Regardless of your current level of knowledge and experience, you’ll learn more about the transits and how it relates to your own birth chart. You’ll be able to tap into the mystery and magic of astrology. Discover how it can help you manifest your goals and desires and support your spiritual and personal development

What do you get inside the circle?

By the 1st of each month, you’ll gain exclusive access to

The Golden Circle is valued at over $373 a month!

A GC membership is a steal at just $18 per month!


Sign up on the annual plan for just $167 and save $49 or 23% a year!

Members only bonuses

As the astrology happens


Eclipse cycles


Major planetary ingresses


Special configurations


Bonus webinars


Discount on Classes


Special courses



Exploring 2024 webinar recording


Ascendant webinar recording


Beginners Astrology article


Profections worksheet PDF


Essential Dignities Table PDF

Why join?

The Golden Circle is fun! What other reason do you need? Being inside the Circle gives you access to me, to ask questions in the forum or in the group chat. As one member recently said to me, “very few astrologers make themselves this accessible.”

One of the reasons I felt called to create the GC was for the community aspect. Being an astrologer is such a solo pursuit, so making astro-friends is awesome.

Being a member of The Golden Circle will improve your astrology and thus, quite possibly, your life!

Why The Golden Circle?

I wanted to deviate from what you might expect such as incorporating the word “astrology” or something involving my own name being a part of the “brand”.

I’m not one to follow rules or trends, so while the official name The Golden Circle Club may seem a bit confusing, there is always a method in the madness.

Inspired by the secondary progressions that were occurring to my own natal chart, I got a vision of a golden circle.

My secondary progressed Sun had come to conjoin my natal Saturn in Leo.

It was as though something dark, hidden and even a little bit afraid of being seen was finally being lit up. Putting myself out there on video and being seen does not come easily to me. Secondary progressions are very much about “what is it time for?” Alas, I guess it was time to be more visible! The image of the Sun illuminating the dark circles of Saturn with a golden hue felt apt.

At the time, I was listening to a lot of Stone Sour and the song called Get Inside was stuck in my head. And there you have – Get Inside The Golden Circle.

Customer Testimonials

What members are saying!

“The Golden Circle has been vital in accelerating my astrological knowledge and helping me plan my life and business with the stars. I look forward to the monthly New Moon meet-ups, where Cass often stays on for hours, answering our burning questions. Plus, when it comes to astrologers, Cass is in a league of her own—bringing her unique style, authenticity, and knowledge into everything she does. This will absolutely be the best gift you give yourself!”
Sara F
“The Golden Circle has been a lifeline for me over the last couple of years.   The Golden Circle community is vibrant, interactive and supportive.  The knowledge that Cass imparts to the group on a regular basis is second to none.  Her dedication and learning of astrology is very deep but at the same time accessible, there is always a wealth of insight and inspiration to glean for every month, broken down into bite size weekly chunks.  This is her gift ! I would not hesitate to recommend joining the Golden Circle if you want to take your astrology to the next level and have somewhere to ask those nitty gritty questions where you can get real answers.”

How much does the membership cost?

The investment into the GC is a steal. The monthly videos alone roughly equate to two webinars per month, valued at 70AUD.

The New Moon call is a fun and informative live discussion. Held at different times each month giving members in various time zones the opportunity to attend. This is your chance to ask questions and share in experiences of the unfolding astrology. These calls generally last for an hour but often exceed that. You could expect to pay around 50AUD for a group mentoring session such as this.

Each month I randomly select a members chart and discuss the astrology of the month ahead. This is valued at 166AUD over on my consultations page.

You won’t pay even close to 286AUD for an annual membership, but only 18AUD a month. The annual membership is the best value, only 167AUD, saving an additional 23% from the monthly option.

How Do I Get Inside?

The Golden Circle is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform which is accessible online and via an app on your phone or device.

If you’re an IOS user, you’ll need to create your membership online. Once inside, you can access via mobile or tablet.For android users, you can create your membership on any device or online.To get inside, click on the link below, choose your membership option and follow the prompts to get started.There are no lock in terms. Cancel at anytime. See you on the inside!


Most frequent questions and answers

Members who know little more than their Sun Sign have joined and have been amazed how they have been able to tap into the moving sky and pick up on the meaning of the planets and apply them to their life.

I explain the astrology aimed at all levels of knowledge. The information provided will leave you equipped, empowered and inspired each and every month.

Many students enjoy being a member as it boosts their studies. The interpretations given in the videos and the live discussions exploring the meaning and experience of the transits are invaluable.

I combine traditional techniques for accuracy and modern meanings that are relevant, useful and meaningful, which I don’t provide elsewhere!

Yes, at any time. You have total control of your subscription through the Mighty Networks platform. Due to the digital nature of this service, no refunds are available.

Send me a message via my contact page.

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