Full Moon in Taurus

The normally serene Full Moon in Taurus is set to pack a punch this week as your core values and desires may see a plot twist.

Firstly, as the Sun moves into Scorpio late Tuesday evening, (Tuesday morning in the US) it will make an opposition to Uranus, welcoming Sun’s new season with a bang.

We’ve had an intense Scorpionic journey since Jupiter’s entrance back in October 2017, the current Venus retrograde and inquisitive Mercury asking the probing questions over the last 2 weeks. There’s a rumbling volcanic feeling about this entrance that won’t be like the usual deep dive into the underworld, but rather a bunker of untended or unmended emotions that may explode like hot lava.

Wednesday October 25 at 2:45am (Brisbane time) will see the Moon reach her peak, opposite the Sun and sitting with unpredictable Uranus. You may feel increasingly aware of areas of life that cause stress, tension or frustration but not sure how to make the first step toward change. With Uranus so active under this lunation, you may experience that change is thrust upon you, or an exciting development helps things become unstuck.

In addition, the karmic lunar nodes create a fixed square pattern that reminds us that areas of our life don’t always work in isolation. If you’re experiencing a lack of movement in one part of your life, you may need to consider another area to find a solution. Full Moons often represent the need to make a choice based on new awareness or heightened intuition. With the karmic nodes at play, it may feel like a pathway of destiny has opened up for you and the need to take the first step is nerve wracking, yet exhilarating.

You may begin to question what stability means to you and if it’s enough to keep you from pursuing change in your life. Big questions about values have already been pondered through the Venus’ current retrograde in Scorpio cycle. As this Full Moon is ruled by Venus in reverse, relationship themes may reach a tipping point. Almost halfway through her retrograde, she’ll embark on her purification process with the Sun which will peak on October 27. Known as Cazimi, Venus will be renewed and revitalized through her conjunction with the Sun. This is a Venus, who is forged in the flames and knows who she is and what she wants, after a period of reflection, doubt and indecision.

The combination of a Full Moon in Taurus, conjoined Uranus and square the Nodes reminds me of one of the most memorable break up scenes I’ve seen on TV!
Back in the day, I was a HUGE fan of Sex and the City! Samantha had reached a tipping point in her relationship. She’d sacrificed herself to the point where her life was so caught up in his that she no longer recognised herself.
She’d reached her own tipping point where a stuck or stagnant situation had to change.
She gave him back his, ‘not a diamond ring, but a ring with diamonds,’ and said “I love you, but I love me more.”
I always remembered that scene as it encapsulates the conclusion you draw when you need to end a relationship. She’d done the accommodating and the sacrificing (Venus) but in the end, the need for authenticity (Uranus) won.

That said, it doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship that is under the cosmic spotlight now. It could be a job that is sapping your soul, a friendship that no longer aligns with you or having to set necessary but painful boundaries with your children.

Uranus brings an ‘anything is possible’ vibe along with it. Allow yourself to dare to dream and hold space for your own individuality and that being in a healthy situation doesn’t have to equal sacrificing yourself in the process.


BRISBANE: 2:45am
NEW YORK: 12:45pm
LONDON: 5:45pm

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