Full Moon in Scorpio

Friday afternoon brings the moodiest of Moon’s in the deep, dark and profound sign of Scorpio. At the culmination point of her alchemical cycle, the Moon is reflecting the most light from the Sun, currently in Taurus.
At 3:23pm AEST, her fullest point, the Sun and Moon are at a complete face off under the fixed and rigid axis represented by both the bull and the scorpion.
Under a Scorpio Full Moon, deep and submerged feelings may arise from the dark and murky depths. The feelings, the issues or the stories you keep hidden or buried may bubble up to the surface. Under this lunation that occurs annually, the balance between both physical (Taurus) and emotional (Scorpio) security are highlighted.

With planetary ruler Mars retrograde, the urge to severe ties with emotions, situations or drama filled entanglements that no longer hold any sense of meaning or truth will be difficult to avoid.

In combination with the solid Scorpio Moon and 4 planets retrograde, as well as Mercury in station, there is an undeniable dead calm about this Full Moon. A Scorpio Moon is renowned for her ability to be under intense control of her emotions. Where possible, continue to tread water and hold off on any major emotional decision making, particularly the reactive kind.
Still waters run deep in Scorpio and eventually, truths or hidden information will be exposed.

Venus is also in super close proximity to Uranus. New and exciting developments are suggested under this electrifying connection. Sudden revelations or breakthroughs may happen in the sphere of love, money and your sense of values and esteem. You may be willing to break the rules or diverge from convention and blaze your own path now.

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