Full Moon in Scorpio – Mars in Cancer

Deep and intense emotions are highlighted under this weekend’s Full Moon in Scorpio.

Full Moons occur each month when the Moon reaches the sign that opposes the Sun. In the evening as the Sun sets in the West, you’ll see the Full Moon rise in the East. This month the Full Moon in Scorpio peaks in opposition to the Sun in Taurus, at 27 degrees.
If you’re in Australia, the Full Moon will be at 7:11am, May 19 on the east coast and if you’re reading from the US or Canada, you’re looking at May 18, 2:11pm PDT.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, feelings that have been buried, shoved to the side or you’ve chosen to be in denial about may bubble up to the surface.

The sign of Scorpio is deep, private and tends to not reveal much. Full Moon’s can generate drama and intensity that offer illumination. You may discover that no matter how hard you try to contain something, this weekend may bring a situation to a tipping point.

You might be beginning ponder stirrings within your soul, especially the kind that the practical realities of life don’t allow much time for. While the Sun and Moon form an aspect known as an opposition, you’re invited to explore the terrain of emotions and feelings. Oppositions can prompt questions. “What if I made that choice, how could things be different?” “If I had made x, y, or z decision, how might I feel about that?” “If I had of done that thing, where could I be now?”

Scorpio loves to probe, investigate and question. Taurus, on the other hand, loves things exactly how they are. You might be feeling the tension between exploring the dark possibilities of the unknown (Scorpio) and what that might dislodge your comfort or stability (Taurus).


Scorpio loves the dark. The Full Moon is about light. Even just for a short time, the Full Moon will reflect light upon areas of your life that are normally hidden or contained.
You might choose to open the proverbial lid and shine a light into a part of your soul you reveal to very few, perhaps even yourself.

Protection and the Past

Taken by Me, on my 40th birthday at Byron Bay. Also happens to be the previous time Mars was in Cancer!
Taken by Me, on my 40th birthday at Byron Bay. Also happens to be the previous time Mars was in Cancer!


When analysing the Full Moon, it’s important to consider the location of its ruler. Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, who just prior to the Full Moon moved into watery Cancer on the 15th and will remain until July 2.

It’s been two years since Mars was in Cancer, lending an extra layer of emotion and sensitivity to this lunation.

Mars in Cancer can be over-protective and go on the defense when it feels under attack. Scorpio goes straight for the jugular, whereas Cancer likes to side-step approach to tackling an issue. Mars can be moody in the Crab’s sign, so your actions and emotional responses are likely to be changeable and dependent upon how you feel at a given time.

Trepidation is a word that often comes to mind when I think of Mars in Cancer. There is often an underlining fear or anxiety that determines its course of action, which more often than not, is linked to a past experience.

If you’ve ever watched a crab in action at the beach, in order to eat, it has to take a risk by leaving the comfort and protection offered by a rock, go out into the open and find food. Birds of prey may be circling above, an unexpected wave may roll in, but the sheer tenacity of the crab will ensure that any fear or doubt is overcome.

So far in 2019, there has been a lot of focus on the “Marie Kondo effect,” with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. The cleaning and clearing out of both the physical and emotional realms have left an empty space that may be prompting an emphasis on “so now what?”.

With Mars now in Cancer, attention is turned toward the North Node. While there are many philosophies in astrological circles about the Lunar Nodes, time and time again in client’s lives I see the North Node as an area where there is an opening for potential and possibility. If you’re prepared to push a bit, you can make good on the opportunities that present themselves.

Thus, brings me to one of my favourite Mars keywords. Choices. Mars in Cancer will prime the territory for July’s eclipses, which have the potential to highlight both the short and long game in the Cancer/Capricorn area of your birth chart, see your mini horoscope below.
In a recent episode of The Water Trio Astrology Podcast, I described the tour of Mars in Cancer as your opportunity to select the best cuts of meat to put through the “meat grinder” as described by my friend and colleague Austin Coppock.

Until July, making choices that support your long-term goals will be your key to success. It may mean having to put your mood or feelings to one side and not let them determine your actions, or lack thereof.
It might mean making choices that your future self will thank you for, even if you can’t fully see the benefit of that choice right now.

So, for some, this Full Moon in Scorpio may bring an emotional intensity that may be messy to go through, but necessary to promote the connection and intimacy that Scorpio craves.
For others, it may be about opening the lid on a feeling, problem or situation and taking a look at it, recognising its existence but choosing to not give it oxygen or let it choose your course of action.

For me, this Full Moon lights up my 6th house and I’ll be attending to last minute details prior to leaving for NORWAC. This will include staying up as late as possible and sleeping in for a few days in order to attempt to get into the US time zone rhythms.

Where is Mars in Cancer for you?

Aries – home, family, domestic life
Taurus– writing, communication, local environment, siblings
Gemini – money, cash flow, resources and their value
Cancer – you, your body, health and wellbeing
Leo – dreams, intuition, worries, rest and retreat
Virgo – friendships, hopes and wishes, luck
Libra – career, life direction, vocation, public image
Scorpio – global interests, big picture visions, publishing, learning, teaching
Sagittarius – joint finance, debt, taxes, investments
Capricorn– relationships both personal and professional
Aquarius – health, wellness, daily routine and pets
Pisces – joy, happiness, children, creativity, romance

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Featured image of the Full Moon over Brisbane by Tony Taylor




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