Full Moon in Capricorn

Face The Thing That Should Not Be…

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is likely to bring up themes of purging or purification as the Moon conjoins powerful Pluto.
Intensity is one of the key themes looming under this lunation. Pluto’s influence highlights the need to purify or detox from what is no longer required in your life. Before you realise there is an issue that needs purging, you firstly need to make the confronting realisation that something isn’t working. This can be overwhelming and intense initially. Before you can claim back your power in a situation, you have to realise that you gave it away.

In the security driven sign of Capricorn, you’re encouraged to let go of the illusion of power or control. To feel the power in powerlessness and embrace new perspectives about security, success or ambition.

While the Sun is in Cancer, it is currently conjoined by Mars, creating a dynamic stand-off not just between the lights, but also active Mars and powerful Pluto. While Mars cannot operate at his best in the watery realms of Cancer, he’s also in a position known as combustion. Being so close to the Sun, he’s literally swallowed up by the Sun’s light and is therefore, unseen.

This phase in Mars’ synodic cycle is like that of the Balsamic Moon. Contemplative and retiring. Two adjectives not associated with the red planet. Energy and motivation may be lower than normal now, especially if you’re contemplating your next move. Like an archer drawing back his bow, the further he pulls it back, the further the arrow goes.

A part of Mars’ period of withdrawal can help you prioritise what you truly want. Yes, it may be emotional and confronting with the other astro energies in play, but Pluto’s opposition can help you push through. Pluto promises transformation. Like the wise words of Winston Churchill, “If you find yourself in hell, keep walking,” The only way out is the way through and the other side is brighter and more beautiful than you imagined.

This Full Moon encourages you to reflect upon your decisions and take action about what it truly means to be secure, both emotionally and financially/physically.

The way through will be Mars’ cazimi with the Sun, which occurs later this month, but I might save that for another post.

Happy Full Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn 18 degrees

Brisbane: July 9, 2:06pm
New Zealand: July 9, 4:06pm
Singapore: July 9, 12:06pm
London: July 9, 5:06am
New York: July 9, 12:06am

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