Full Moon in Capricorn + Reformulating the Plan

This Full Moon in Capricorn represents the half way point between the goals, resolutions and intentions made at the start of the year. Back on January 17 when the New Moon occurred, there were a whopping 6 planets in the goat’s sign, making ambitious goals to begin the year seemed very doable.

Like a celestial performance review, the Full Moon in Capricorn 6 months later puts those goals under the spotlight. Lunation ruler Saturn also conjoins the Moon. If you’re on track with what you’ve wanted to accomplish at this point, this lunation might highlight rewards for a job well done. If you’re not where you wanted to be, then the might of Saturn will demand that you pull your socks up.

Unlike the hopeful optimism of a New Moon, Full Moons allow us to clearly see what was previously invisible. This week, a giant spotlight will illuminate your goals, commitments and how you choose to spend your time. Important choices can be made that bring you into alignment with your biggest priorities.

This is an intense lunation. Lethargy and general tiredness is possible, especially if you feel weighed down, restricted or frustrated by a slowed pace or heavy energy.

You might be tempted to judge yourself too harshly or give up on your hopes and dreams entirely. Remember that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in Cancer. Tenderness, care and comfort can help refuel your emotions, helping you to return to earthly responsibilities and ambitions.

Under the intense Full Moon in Capricorn, you may have realised you’ve over-extended yourself in some way, promised too much or need to reprioritise what is important.

Talking about this Full Moon and omitting Mars’ retrograde through Saturn’s other sign, Aquarius, is nearly impossible. Mars is about our passion, energy and motivation. Now in reverse, it may feel as though you’ve lost your mojo or not even sure what you want anymore.

While the flames of your fire may be seemingly dampened, there is a rekindling to look forward to from the 6th. The Sun will trine generous Jupiter who’s preparing to return to direct motion from the 11th.

For now, err on the side of caution and avoid the temptation to rush ahead or make a rash decision. This is an ideal time to research or develop a plan for your long- term goals. Reflect on the past 6 months and make adjustments accordingly.

Full Moon 7 degrees Capricorn – June 28

Brisbane: 2:53pm
New Zealand: 4:53pm
New York: 12:53am
London: 5:53am

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