Full Moon in Cancer – Passionate Compassion

In order to move forward, looking back can be a useful task. As we embark upon a new calendar year, the large silver circle in the sky invites us to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Full Moon in Cancer by its very nature evokes thoughts of the past, where you may crave connections to family or your roots.

Sensitive emotions may rise and fall as soulful Neptune triggers this lunation. Logic and reason may be overcome by intuition or your gut instinct. The nebulous nature of Neptune prefers to err on the side of fantasy and imagination. If things don’t make much sense under the Full Moon, accept that and allow your feelings to guide you.

Courage is also called for under the Moon’s glow as action planet Mars connects with expansive Jupiter. While not an exact trine to the Full Moon, they do form an in-sign aspect with Cancer and Pisces, the Moon and Neptune respectively.

Letting your guard down and opening the vault of past hurts and wounds can be both cathartic and healing. A problem shared can be a problem halved under this compassionate planetary mix.

Mars and Jupiter working together can provide the motivation to work towards a passion project or to act according to your own beliefs. Deep reflections offered by the Full Moon can help you tap into exactly what they are, as the old year becomes new.

Full Moon 12 degrees Cancer
January 2

Brisbane: 12:24pm
New Zealand: 3:24pm
January 1
New York: 9:24pm
London: 2:24am

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