Full Moon In Cancer- Endings and Beginnings

It’s almost hard to believe we are approaching the mid-way mark of the first month of 2017! Like those funny memes online that describe those days between Christmas and New Year being kind of like a ‘I don’t know where I am’ phase- the astro weather has continued a sense of this year not fully starting yet. You’d be forgiven if you still feel as though you’re straddling the boundary between 2016 and 2017.

Last weekend’s conjoining of Venus and the South Node coupled with Mercury stationing direct, carried through past feelings and delayed conversations from December.

Like all new beginnings, there are endings, and with all endings there are beginnings. This weeks’ Full Moon will help you let go of the past and embrace the big shifts expected this year.

The skies of this week shine a big bright silvery spotlight on some of the year’s most poignant themes. The Full Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer on Thursday night will offer some insight into the bigger aspect of the upcoming year between Jupiter and Uranus.

Apart from the Moon being in her home sign, what makes this lunation more significant, is that it will form a fleeting cardinal grand cross alignment between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Tensions or stress in various areas of life may reach a tipping point. Cardinal signs need to initiate action and love to see the wheels turning, but often lack foresight in planning and strategic analysis.

Uranus brings surprises and shocks of which both can be sudden and overwhelming. For some of you, you may be rubbing your hands together thinking ‘bring it,’ while others may feel their anxiety levels rise at the mere whisper of the word change.

Jupiter seeks temperance and in Libra, steady and harmonious growth which is in direct conflict to the very yang and ‘in your face’ Uranian experience.

Although the changes that Uranus promises can be positive and exciting, they can also disrupt the most carefully made plans.


As the Full Moon occurs in her home sign of Cancer, our innermost primal needs for emotional security may rise to the surface. With Pluto in opposition to the Moon, facing truths can help you tap into an unused reservoir of personal power.

Nurturing your family connections are highlighted now. Embracing old rituals or traditions that honour your past, but also make room for personal authenticity and growth will be illuminated.

Just a few short hours after the Full Moon, Mercury will return to Capricorn after his recent retrograde passage in the last couple of degrees in Sagittarius. Although a cardinal sign, Capricorn is one of the most strategic ‘long-game’ players. With a renewed sense of inner strength to face the spirited year that will be 2017, spend a little time under the Full Moon to plan and strategize what you really want to achieve under the rapidly shifting sands of this year.

Full Moon 22 Cancer January 12

Brisbane 9:33pm
Sydney 10:33pm
New Zealand 6:33pm
Singapore 8:33pm
New York 6:33am
London 11:33am

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