Full Moon in Aries

This weekend’s Full Moon suggests that a culmination of a certain situation or a turning point from something you’ve outgrown.

In the independent sign of Aries, this Full Moon will pack a punch as she reaches her peak alongside ‘The Great Awakener’ Uranus. Uranus is a planet associated with waking or shaking things up. If you have a situation that is stagnant or things have become too entrenched in the status quo, this Full Moon may illuminate where you need change. Uranus will provide shocks, awe and light bulb moments. Like the Joker in a deck of cards, anything can be possible with Uranus.

Mars the ruler of this Full Moon is super close to planetary heavyweight Pluto, further emphasising that something hidden may come to light. As Mars is happy in Capricorn, he’ll encourage you to stay focused on your goals, your decisions and what you wish to manifest.

The complexity of the ‘me vs. we’ in relationships will be highlighted as the Moon in Aries wants sovereignty and the Sun in Libra seeks togetherness. Mercury and Jupiter also in the sign of the scales suggests that sometimes the biggest awakenings come in the form of a change in perspective.

Full Moon at 23 Degrees Aries

Sunday 16th October
Brisbane 2:23pm
Sydney, Melbourne 3:23pm
New Zealand, 5:23pm
Singapore, 12:23pm
New York, 12:23am
London, 5:23am

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