Full Moon in Aries

Fresh from the Autumn/Spring equinox, this lunation emphasises what my first astrology teacher described as the ‘me vs. we’ dynamic. For anyone who has the polarity of Aries/Libra as a feature of their chart, or has the Sun, Moon or ascendant in those signs, finding the balance between the needs of relationship (Libra) and the needs of the individual (Aries) can often be a constant battle.

As the silver circle lights up Aries, there may be a part of you hungry for new experiences, to conquer new places or rise to new challenges. Mars, the lunation ruler together with the South Node, suggests that cutting something old, toxic or from the past is required. It’s hard to be an un-fetted warrior with attachments that you no longer need.

It may help to reflect on the last 3 months of Mars grinding in reverse. If there were areas of your life that were painfully slow or caused heightened levels of tension, it’s time to make peace with that.

Saturn also has input as the ringed planet makes a square to the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. The square denotes the feeling of frustration that highlights the need to make an adjustment. Priorities, responsibilities or perceived limitations may need to be worked through now.

As the poems of the 7 planets tell us, ‘my exaltation’s in the scales, but in the ram, my power fails’ it makes a worthy reminder that no endevour goes unsupported from those who love us. Powerful relationships are two people being their truest empowered self- together. No warrior is truly alone.

Full Moon 2 degrees Aries

September 25

Brisbane: 12:52pm
London: 3:52am
September 24
New York: 10:52pm

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