February Astrology – Changing Directions

February promises to be a month of development and progress for a few reasons.

There are a lot of details which I cover in the most recent instalment of The Golden Circle, but there are two interesting February features I want to discuss here with you.

Saturn conjunct the Sun 15 Aquarius – February 4 / 5.

As Saturn enters the Sun’s inferno, it becomes purified and re-energised. This annual fusion encourages you to recognise your obligations and commitments, your longer-term plans and goals as well as where you are positioned on topics that relate to the Aquarius part of your own birth chart.

We are still early in 2022 and the first week of February does have a bit of a “New Year” feeling to it. A New Moon plus Mercury direct will see things start to return to regular programming.

Before we can get back to the program, we have to get clear about what that is!

At some point in the upcoming couple of days, I recommend you sit with what you want out of this year. With such a Saturn focus right now, it may be important to remember that a goal without a plan is just a wish!

Here are a few questions to ponder…

What do I already know I need to be doing?
What commitments need to be made?
Are there limitations that need to be embraced or let go of?
What am I avoiding or in denial about?
If I already have what I want, what would I be doing NOW?
Where am I procrastinating or feeling fear?

As Mercury stations direct, it’s heading toward its third and final conjunction with Pluto on the 11th / 12. Asking yourself the honest questions can help you get clear on your direction.
Mercury’s other conjunctions with Pluto were on December 29 / 30 and January 29 which may help you connect the dots to what is happening for you right now.

Once Saturn begins to emerge from being under the Sun’s rays on February 20, you’ll start to gain traction on your choices, plans and decisions.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces has been getting a lot of bandwidth lately, and deservingly so! It’s been a long time since we’ve had Jupiter in a sign it enjoys. January saw Jupiter move further through Pisces than it did from May – July 2021, where it only got as far as 2 degrees.

It’s been a restful time for some, whether that be celebrating the slower pace here in Australia during the Summer or, being struck down by plague – as I was.

Regardless of how it came about, Jupiter in Pisces thus far has given many of us the rest we needed, even if we thought we didn’t.

It can be tricky to work with these conflicting energies. The start of a new calendar year encourages us to push forward, while the sky whispered, not yet.

Once the Sun enters Pisces February 18 / 19, it will put Jupiter in close co-presence with it, rendering it invisible. Thus, the energy of Jupiter gets burned by the suns rays, just as Saturn emerges from them.

The tables have turned.

This isn’t to say Jupiter in Pisces is bereft of blessings, they’ll still be there. 

February will see a shift in dominance between the gas giants. Jupiter in Pisces takes a back seat for a while as Saturn takes the wheel.

So if at this point in 2022, you’re feeling behind the eight ball in terms of progress or things have been more stagnant than you’d like, the driver change between Jupiter and Saturn can help you refocus on the direction you’re headed, but you’ll still be thankful you stopped to take in the view.

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