Dream A Little Dream….

We are in the midst of a Sun/Neptune link that will be in play until mid morning Brisbane time but it’s lingering effects will be in play for the next couple of days.

Bereft of motivation but filled with ideas and inspiration, you may find yourself kind of ‘checking out’ of reality, preferring to lay in the shade devouring the pages of a good book. Or, perhaps an evening tipple just takes the edge off for you- well why not? It is that vague and blurry space between Christmas and New Year!

Just allowing yourself to escape reality and daydream is the stuff that the grand ideas and light bulb moments are made of!

Now that Venus is chomping at the bit, ready to don her saddle, and ride off into yonder (aka Sagittarius) she will trigger one of 2016’s big aspects- Saturn/Neptune. She will help clarify the illusion/delusion that Neptune puts on the table. Can you turn your illusions into reality with a bit of Saturnian discipline and work or are you deluding yourself with grandiose visions that will never touch the ground?
Venus in Sagittarius will shed an optimistic attitude to new adventures and wide horizons- much more favourable than the Scorpion. As she closes in on Saturn early next week, you will know if you are up for black and white (Saturn) or can handle some grey (Neptune) in regard to future undertakings and paths moving forward- your personal birth chart will hold the key here!

So in the meantime, and in the downtime that is this portal of time before things start to wind up again early January, take a load off, take a break and allow yourself to dream…

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