Contemporary Astrology Program - Building Astrology from the Ground Up!

Start your astrological journey through the houses

No doubt you’re here because you’re curious about astrology and want to understand more about yourself, friends or family through the ancient signs and symbols.

The Contemporary Astrology Program is a 2-year astrology course, offered in separate modules. Designed for students who wish to partake in comprehensive study or wish to ‘fill the gaps’ in their current level of knowledge

Committing to the study of astrology is right for you if:

If so, then the Contemporary Astrology Program Year 1 is for you. By following a structured step-by-step course, you’ll gain confidence and clarity in weaving the signs, modalities, elements, planets and houses together over the next 12 months.

You’ll learn the following:

As you move through Year 1, you’ll learn the concepts and philosophies behind the houses, signs and planets from which they draw their symbolism, deepening your understanding and ability to interpret a birth chart.

With a solid foundation in chart interpretation, you’ll be ready for Year 2 - Predictive Astrology.

Module 1 - The Houses - Starts this June!

Houses provide the template from which divine planetary energies transmit their meanings, giving them significance to your life!

In Module 1, you’ll learn about the 12 Houses in depth. While this module will touch on other forms of house division, this course focuses on the Whole Sign system used in Hellenistic Astrology.

This training includes recommended reading plus optional homework tasks.


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