Contemporary Astrology Program - Building Astrology from the Ground Up!

Begins June 6

The Contemporary Astrology Program (CAP), is a 2 - year immersion into the technical, philosophical and practical components of astrology.

CAP combines a range of ideas and techniques from the Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Psychological eras that will equip you with a broad - minded and well - rounded approach to your practice of astrology.

Committing to the study of astrology is right for you if:

If so, then the Contemporary Astrology Program Year 1 is for you. By following a structured step-by-step course, you'll have a solid grasp on the principles and practice of communing with the planets and reading birth charts.

Assembly of Techniques

In this day and age, it is easy to assemble techniques. Knowing astrology does not come from the techniques, but through the practice of them.
CAP combines both theory and practice that assists students in obtaining required information and the cultivation of knowledge.
Coupled with commitment, practice and study, you'll attain the skills and understanding to DO astrology, not just know a bit about it.

Class Details

Year 1 is divided into two semesters, each consisting of 4 - 5 monthly modules.

Semester A
Houses, Zodiac, Planets & Aspects

Semester B
Planetary Diginity, Fixed Stars, Lunar Phases, Solar Phases & Chart Interpretation

Each module contains 4 - 6 pre - recorded classes that range 1.5 - 3 hours in length. Fortnightly live Q&A discussion, practice and workshopping, plus regular homework tasks.

It is estimated you will need to dedicate approximately three hours each week to stay in sync with the pace of the schedule. Even if life gets in the way (and it does), you do keep lifetime access to the class material.

Upon completion and proficiency of Year 1 course material, students are invited to enrol into Year 2, timing and predictions.

Choose An Enrolment Option

Pay in Full & Save

One - time payment of $1300AUD and save $100

Payment Plan

8 payments of $175AUD starting from enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

By signing up using the pay in full option, you’ll be redirected to sign up via the CAP app.

I’ll receive notification of your subscription from PayPal. I’ll then contact you providing a link to access the CAP app. If you’d like this sent to a different email, please put that in the PayPal notes.

The CAP app is hosts all the course material. It is accessible via android, IOS and desktop / laptop.
You’ll gain access to the general community forum and course material which includes a private forum for each cohort.

At this point in time, just me, Cassandra as well as a teaching assistant who is a former graduate of CAP!

Year 1, Semester A 2023, begins November 1.
Semester B begins March / April 2024.
Live Q&A’s are on Wednesday’s on oscillating times to accommodate students in various time zones. Details are announced via the app.

Most certainly!
The app is ideal for posting homework, asking questions and communication via the forum as well as private message. Emails are also welcome and available!

In order to get the best out of the advanced modules, it is best to start at the beginning.
The distinct difference between taking a dedicated course of study, guided by an experienced teacher and self – study, is that you’ll gain from my years of dedication, experience – and mistakes, I’ve made.
I guide you through the good-to-know, need-to-know and the not-really important-to-know!
You can never know enough about the fundamentals and art and skill of weaving the philosophical, symbolic and technical into your interpretations.
If in doubt, please email me about your experience in astrology, thus far. 

Unfortunately, not at this stage, but I do hope to in the future.

To receive a certification of completion and acknowledgement, you must complete a final exam with a score above 80%

As you have access to the course material, even if you can’t keep up with the pace of the program, you can still study in your own time, inclusive of support.

As of September 2023, the exchange rate is .64AUD on the USD.
Thus, if you’re located in the USA or utilise USD, you’ll pay approximately 830USD.
If you’re using other currency, you can check the exchange rate here

If you have a different question, please contact me at I will get back to you within 2 business days.


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