Cosmic Catalogue

Mercury conjunct Jupiter 11-12 October
This planetary pairing may bring good news and fresh inspiration. Be open and willing to say yes to opportunities that come your way, even if logistics seem impractical. As Mercury and Jupiter join forces, they bring luck in travel, study, teaching and all forms of communication. This is an ideal time to send an important email or message or send an offer.

Mars sextile Neptune 11-12 October
Random acts of kindness may inspire your actions, or you may be the beneficiary of a compassionate gesture. This can also be a ‘low-energy’ vibe where your sense of focus and direction can feel a little fuzzy. If you feel ‘pulled off course,’ use your intuition to guide your deeds. Let the inspirational and dreamy influence of Neptune help you reconnect with your sense of passion and purpose.

Sun opposite Uranus 15 October

In preparation for Sunday’s Full Moon, the Sun faces off with Uranus. Anything is possible under this wild card aspect, especially as tensions build prior to the Moon reaching her fullest point. Freedom and independence are highlighted now. Relationships may experience a together/apart back and forth energy now. Situations that you’ve outgrown may become increasingly difficult to tolerate. Although the road could get a little rocky today and over the weekend, it won’t lack excitement or be dull!

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