Cosmic Catalogue May 7 – 13

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May 7 Venus square Neptune
15 degrees Gemini/Pisces

When these two planets combine, they highlight all the surreal and intangible aspects of love and relationships in general. This can be both positive as well as negative- depending on your situation.
Venus in Gemini prefers connections to be light, flirty and fun. Neptune in Pisces seeks a deep and meaningful moments. Under today’s hard to work with aspect, the challenge may lie in distinguishing facts from fantasy.
Neptune can also highlight delusions and disappointment, especially if you’ve given someone the benefit of the doubt against your own better judgement.
Today, you may come to realise something isn’t quite as it seems. Neptune fogs facts, so before making any decisions, it may be better to wait until you can see things with more clarity.

Mercury square Pluto
21 degrees Aries/Capricorn

In combination with the fogginess of Neptune, we have the clarity of Mercury squaring off with Pluto provides.
This is a detective type of aspect where digging for clues or facts in a situation can help you find the truth. Like a horse chomping at the bit, an idea, a thought or something someone said may be hard to let go of.
While relations with others may be tricky to work with today, the Mercury/Pluto aspect can encourage you to get on with your own plan. Create a list, work on a strategy or develop an outline of success that will unfold over time.
Mercury/Pluto connections can prompt you to deeply contemplate a motive, either your own or someone else’s.

May 9 Sun opposite Jupiter
18 degrees Taurus/Scorpio

This annual OTT (over the top) aspect between our solar system’s two largest bodies can make for a grandiose type of day. Generosity is a symbol of Jupiter, and you may be the giver or the recipient of a kind gesture or support.
A change of luck or a turn around in your fortune, in both big and small ways is possible. This aspect can help boost your confidence, help you to believe in yourself or take a chance on something that is meaningful to you.
If you can remember back to around October 27, when these two planets formed a conjunction, this week may highlight a turning point or culmination of what occurred then. A peak event or a realisation of what the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle means for you may come about.

May 12 Sun trine Pluto
21 degrees Taurus/Capricorn

The link between the Sun and Pluto can be exceptionally productive. Across the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, inner motivations around what it means to be secure in the material world can be revealed. The hard work, determination and focus you’ve shown toward a goal can begin to manifest under this powerful link.
Career and financial goals are spotlighted. Moving up the career ladder or investing in greater security and comfort are possible.
Under the supportive trine relationship, the Sun and Pluto can offer you an unshakable strength and confidence to go after the desires in your heart.

May 13 Mercury conjunct Uranus
29 degrees Aries


With so much going on this month, this sneaky aspect almost goes unnoticed. In fact, this is the final time Mercury and Uranus will combine in Aries for approximately 84 years.
In the bold and brash sign of Aries, Mercury is confident and outspoken. Considering this is the last time he’ll meet with disruptive Uranus, it kind of suggests there is something to say.

Sometimes, when we hold back from saying the little things, we finally explode and let it all out. When that happens, it usually doesn’t come out the way we intended. This aspect is the ‘let it all out’ aspect. Like when two people marry and the celebrant may say, ‘speak now or forever hold your peace.’ Today might be like that. If you’ve been holding back from your truth, how you feel or what you want, today is ideal for letting it all out!

I wish you a stellar week and a Happy Mother’s Day for all the Mum’s on Sunday x

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