Cosmic Catalogue 18- 24th July

This week takes an ambitious turn as both a Full Moon in Capricorn, aspects to Saturn and the Sun in Leo remind us of the benefits of playing the long game.

Mercury passes Venus

The Mercury/Venus tango that was in play over the weekend is now subsiding as speedy Mercury slips from Venus’ grasp. As this fiery combination lent itself to ‘shameless self-promotion’ now is the time to follow up on any leads or connections that may improve your prospects- both professionally, or romantically.

Mercury Trine Saturn

Saturn’s supportive yet serious influence will remind you that style is one thing but substance is another. This aspect encourages success through backing up your intentions and following through.
Concentration and attention to detail won’t feel boring under this aspect. Studying, following up on phone calls, emails and paperwork will be a major key to success today.

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn acts like a mid-year reminder for the goals and intentions set at the Capricorn New Moon back in January. The seeds planted then are now coming into full bloom.
If they aren’t, this lunation is about taking action.

The ruler of this lunation is Saturn, who is making a conjunction with Fixed Star Antares. This isn’t the time to be pussy footing about. Define and execute your goals. Assertive Mars and authentic Uranus in aspect to the Full Moon suggest that bold and authentic choices may need to be made.

The house in your birth chart governed by Capricorn signifies where you may need to separate yourself any emotional ties or memories from the past that may be halting your progress toward a long held goal. Both Mars and Uranus may shake up what is secure and comfortable, but Capricorn knows how to play the long game.

Venus Trine Saturn

When Venus and Saturn meet, you can expect a reality check around love. With both planets in fire signs, action and honesty count! Lasting commitments can be made with grounded and responsible Saturn.
Saturn is about tests and challenges, and the rockiest roads can lead to improved compassion and honest feelings.

Conversely, Saturn’s limits may highlight that you’ve had enough or outgrown your current situation and provides the strength to move on.

Sun in Leo

The Sun is the primary life force of our solar system, and in Leo his home sign, he shines the brightest.

Each morning as the Sun rises and warms the Earth, his ability to warm our own inner spirt, soul or essence increases while in Leo.

As a fire sign, Leo likes to be both seen and heard as well as noticed and recognised. The Sun’s sojourn in Leo invites you to recognise within yourself what may be neglected or requires tending to.
With Venus also in Leo, it could be your personal (hair) style that needs a revamp or your relationship might need extra attention. Mercury also visiting the feline sign suggests communicating boldly, yet from your heart may be required.

The Sun in Leo is a double dose of fire. Wherever there is heat, there is a call to action and movement, which ultimately leads to the need to make decisions.

The Sun in Leo is also super dry. After being in watery Cancer for a month, the spirit and soul was supported by emotional connectedness. This ‘drying out’ will promote separateness and in increased need to be by yourself. Often, periods of being alone allow you to pursue your own needs or the call of your own inner being.

The house ruled by Leo in your natal chart will show where you need to ‘dry out’ and pursue your own soul or essence until August 23.

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