Cosmic Catalogue 13- 19 June

Back in 2006, when my first astrology website was launched, I named my weekly column Cosmic Catalogue. I thought I’d play with that name again for a while….what do you think of it?

After 10 long weeks in solid and steadfast Taurus, Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini on the morning of the 13th, where he’ll spend just 17 days! This stark contrast for Mercury will allow him to do what he does best- facilitate the exchange of information, data and communication quickly. Mercury also rules movement, and in Gemini, getting out and about is generally swift and super fast- fingers crossed this is how you may experience your daily commute. Up until the 30th when Mercury enters the watery relms of Cancer, you may experience your overall curiousity for knowledge and your interest in socialising heighten.

When Mercury visits Gemini, he offers us a plethora of options and choices. If you have your natal Mercury in the sign of the twins (as I do) variety becomes the spice of life. Sticking to the task at hand is often tricky with Gemini planets. It can be like visiting your local Baskin and Robins…you try all the flavours because committing to just one choice is impossible!

Tuesday sees the Sun in Gemini make a supportive link to Uranus. This may assist you in making a brave new choice that reflects your authentic self or a path you feel compelled to travel. With Mercury shifting into Gemini a short time beforehand, be open minded to options that previously weren’t even on the table. This aspect reminds me of one of my favourite quotes that summarises connections with Uranus- ‘do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and blaze a trail.’

Saturday sees Venus enter less social and more domestic territory once she enters Cancer just after 5:30am. Under Cancer’s touch, you may prefer being at home rather than out and about and meeting new people. You might also reconnect with friends or lovers you’ve lost touch with. Cancer holds a nostalgic torch for the past and Venus is about the things in life that bring you pleasure, comfort and ease. How you choose to spend your leisure time and with whom up until July 13 will be more about the old than the new.

The second of three squares between Saturn and Neptune perfect today. The first occurred back in November last year and the next will be in September. This planetary aspect is one of the major themes in play 2016.
Neptune has also just stationed retrograde, intensifying his influence. At best, Neptune is soulful, empathetic and inspired but at worst, can fall for disillusionment, playing the victim and seeing reality through rose coloured glasses.
Depending on your own chart factors, Saturn may be dishing a serious dose of reality on your dreams, ideals and visions for the future. Saturn is the planetary task master and his role is to lay before you a series of tests and challenges before he grants you the results of your hard work. His motto is anything handed to your on a silver platter won’t last.
You’d be forgiven if you feel a little deflated or if things appear to be more difficult to surmount that your originally thought now.

Conversely, this aspect can help you manifest a dream. If you can harness the structure and discipline as well as play the long game- of which Saturn in the master, then you can truly bring to fruition a long held goal or dream. Until December 2017, one of the lessons of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is that real progress can be made when you’re adaptable to change and when opportunity and hard work combine. The challenge is to not lose your inspiration in the process.

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