Birth Chart

90 Minutes
$ 222 90 Minutes
  • Your strengths and gifts, as well as weaknesses or challenges
  • Your potential and what might be may be holding you back from realising it
  • Relationships and love
  • Career and money
  • Health and wellness
  • Family dynamics
  • Life direction or sense of purpose

Annual Update

Astrological check-up for next 12 months
$ 177 60 Minutes
  • Career & Progress
  • Money and finance
  • Love and relationships
  • Children
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Family dynamics
  • Life direction or sense of purpose
  • Each additional person is $90 for 30 minutes.

Ultimate Astrology Package

Astrological plumbing
$ 635 Up to 4 Sessions
  • Your Birth Chart
  • Year Ahead Updates
  • Any other specific life topics
  • History of your life
  • Astrological patterns
  • Deeper motivations
  • Ingrained habits and patterns

Relationship Consulting

90 Minutes
$ 333 90 Minutes
  • Your Birth Chart
  • Your Partner's Birth Chart
  • Relationships and love
  • Compatibility
  • Cosmic threads
  • Connections and Disconnections
  • Marriage/Astrological Charts

Children’s Charts

For New Born’s and Younger Children
$ 110 Includes Report
  • Understand the needs of your little one
  • Get introduced to the planets
  • Baby’s personality
  • Baby's innate temperament
  • What nurtures them best
  • What they need to feel confident, secure and supported
  • Insight, guidance and reassurance for families
  • Know and understand their child better

Older Children

Ideal for parents or carers
$ 100 45 Minutes
  • Supporting a child through periods of development or change
  • change in family dynamics
  • Educational Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Reveal unique spirit
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Challenges and potential

Horary Questions

Get Answers
$ 150 Per Question
  • Get your questions answered
  • No Birth Chart Required
  • Based on snapshot of the sky at the time
  • Will I leave my relationship?
  • Will I get fired?
  • Will I buy this house?
  • Any other questions?

Pick a Date

An electional chart consultation
$ 150 Per Event
  • Need the most auspicious time for a particular event or undertaking?
  • Getting married?
  • Starting a business?
  • Launching a website?
  • Get up to 2-3 most auspicious dates & times
  • Based on the nature of your venture & natal charts of those involved
  • Get favourable outcomes


Perfect way to start your marriage!
$ 222 Get the Perfect Date
  • Setting the most auspicious time for one's life
  • Birth Chart for yourself
  • Birth Chart of your fiancee
  • Ideal window of time
  • Wedding Location
  • Ideal time to tie knot
  • Based around your requirements


Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How are consultations done?

While is available 24/7, client consultations generally have an approximate 2 – 4 week waiting list. They are done via the Zoom platform, a private online conference room in the comfort of your own home.

How do I book consultation?

For new clients, or for those who would prefer a longer session, then Your Birth Chart is your best option.
If you’re after predictive year ahead insight into the upcoming planetary influences, then the Annual Update is for you!

What happens after I pay?

Upon selecting your consultation, you’ll be directed to a payment platform  and Cassandra’s online calendar where you can schedule your appointment at a time that suits you.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available. Select the consultation you’re after and proceed to payment. Be sure to add in the notes that you’d like a gift voucher and one will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

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